Hardware firewall operating on USB memory "Yoggie Pico"

CPU and Linux 2.6 are installed in the USB memory, setting is possible from the browser. It is pretty easy hardware to finish the firewall simply by inserting it into the computer slowly. There are 13 kinds of functions in all, and it is also a point that it is quite satisfactory.

The price you care and setting screens to operate from the browser are as follows.
Windows firewall squeezes into USB key

The installed CPU supports 520 MHz PXA 270, nearly 100 Mbps, the price is Personal $ 179 (about 21 thousand yen), Pro is (about 24,000 yen). Compared to normal software firewall, this "Yoggie Pico" itself has a CPU, so it has the merit of not using CPU resource of laptop computer etc. In other words, it does not cost anything even if it is resident.

It seems that you are assuming to use it in an environment called a free spot such as a public wireless LAN or a hot spot rather than being used in an environment where a firewall is physically installed in a company or in a household So it seems to be positioned for mobile.

The control panel looks something like this.

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