Collocation service that puts Raspberry Pi free in the data center is started free of charge

OwnRaspberry Pi, Or purchasing Raspberry Pi, PCextreme began a service that will allow you to use all the resources you need for managing your server for free.

Free Raspberry Pi Hosting | Raspberry Pi colocation - PCextreme

Actually provided for free, upstream 100 Mbit communication line up to 500 GB, further power and server installation space.

This is an order sheet.

If you send your own Raspberry Pi to PCextreme, you can use it completely free. In this case, you need to send your own SD card and install the server OS in advance.

If you do not have Raspberry Pi you can purchase at 52.5 euro (about 6750 yen), in this case the OS is a free OS made to optimize for Raspberry PiRaspbianIs installed, and SD card seems to be able to offer Samsung or Kingston 8GB capacity.

As of June 28th, we received over 1,500 orders, it seems that PCextreme exceeds the order quantity handled per day, and in some cases it may take up to 90 days to delivery.

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