I ate 'Bukka Oil Soba Yumiki Mayo Finish' that can ingest 800 kcal at once with a strong junk taste that directly reaches the brain marrow

"Oil soba" which is a signboard menu of "Ramen Specialty Store Bukka" in Kichijoji, Tokyo, was cup noodle made by shopkeepers supervisionAwaseba Oshuma soba"Is celebrating 15 years since its release in 2002. A new work of Orihara's oil soba seriesBuckwheat soba noodles with Mayo finish"I tried to fill my stomach with a junk more than usual by having a taste of punch with the use of pepper & garlic's" Yamitsuki Mayo "that is a unique soba noodles soba .

"Akebukuro Buckwheat soba noodles with Mayo finish" (released on January 9)

"Blunt Oil Soba Adhesive Mayo Finish" seems to be the same as usual ... ...

It was written as "pepper & garlic hammock mayo finish".

Lard pepper garlic mayonnaise, soy sauce etc. are used as raw materials.

The terrible thing is that there is 800 kcal of energy per meal.

Inside it is quickly · liquid sauce · sprinkle · special made Mayo.

Put it in merely quickly, put 770 ml of hot water and wait for 3 minutes.

Lifting the hot noodle with chopsticks will drain the water well and make the oil easier to turn around.

When a liquid sauce is put in, a quantity of oil that can convince a high calorie of 800 kcal will come out as soon as possible.

It is like this when sprinkling and finishing with a special made Mayo finish.

Sprinkle is a combination of roasted garlic, green onions, gravel glue, black pepper, and Shichigi chilli. Since garlic is also contained in special made mayo, the scent of garlic stimulates appetite.

As soon as I eat it, it is such a strong junk taste that it reaches the brain marrow in one bite, so soy sauce and oil are too effective. Although the taste is strong at the level at which you are eating side dishes rather than noodles, the umami of special ginkfish Mayor and sprinkled garlic is also strong, and there is no doubt that it will remain intensely in memory.

Oil is contained unexpectedly, and aftertaste is also quite heavy. Plenty thick noodles are so monotonous that they may get bored, but by inserting a sweetly simmered chashuw or so, you should be able to eat till the end without getting tired.

The price of "bukoba oil soba noodle cano finish" is 218 yen for tax.

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