I tried using the electric kettle 'BALMUDA The Pot' which has a stylish design and is ideal for making hand drip coffee.

Electric kettles, which have become popular in recent years as home appliances for boiling water, are very convenient because they can quickly boil water when needed. The electric kettle ' BALMUDA The Pot ', which appeared from Balmuda, which is a hot topic for

high-end toasters , adopted a stylish design compared to the conventional electric kettle, and the narrow-mouthed nozzle seemed to be convenient when making drip coffee. I tried the actual feeling of use.

BALMUDA The Pot | Balmuda

Open the box containing 'BALMUDA The Pot'.

The box contained the main body, base, instruction manual, etc.

'BALMUDA The Pot' has white and black colors, and this time I tried using black. The main body has a simple design with nothing printed other than the 'BALMUDA' logo, so it seems easy to match with any interior.

The stainless steel is painted for a smooth texture.

The nozzle has a narrow mouth, and the drainage seems to be good.

The handle has a built-in water heater lamp that uses a neon tube at the bottom.

The smooth texture and just the right thickness make it an easy-to-hold handle.

The power button is light and easy to press. Push it down to turn on the power.

The lid is also black like the main body. The gap that is opened a little is the steam port where steam comes out.

When I opened the lid, the inside was a shiny stainless steel container.

'BALMUDA The Pot' can boil water from 0.2L up to 0.6L. The amount of hot water that can be boiled at one time is less than that of a general electric kettle, but it is enough for making coffee, tea, and instant noodles.

The main body is 269 mm wide x 128 mm deep x 170 mm high and has a compact size.

Width 269 mm x depth 142 mm x height 194 mm including the base. The height is about the same as the iPad mini 4.

As for the size when viewed from above, 'BALMUDA The Pot' is larger than the iPad mini 4 by the amount of the nozzle, but if it is this size, it will not be a problem for storage.

Let's actually boil the water after taking a closer look at the appearance. Add water up to the 0.6L line ...

Wait when the power is turned on.

The lamp on the handle lights up while boiling water.

When the lamp goes out, it is a sign that the water has boiled. There was no particular noise when the water boiled.

Immediately after the water is boiled, it is so hot that the main body cannot be touched, so be careful.

Since the nozzle is long and thin, it is very convenient for making hand drip coffee that you can add hot water little by little or while turning it. With a general kettle, you have to be careful not to overfill, but with 'BALMUDA The Pot' you can add hot water little by little, so you don't have to worry about overfilling.

This completes the delicious hand drip coffee.

'BALMUDA The Pot' can be purchased from the official website for 11,000 yen excluding tax for both black and white. If you are looking for a slightly fashionable electric kettle or an electric kettle for hand drip, you may try it once.

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