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Silicone cups are convenient because they do not break even if they are inadvertently dropped from the desk, but many of them are translucent designs. HoweverShin-Etsu PolymerDeveloped by "ShupuaAlthough it is transparent at the first glance though it is glassy transparent, it does not break even if it gives a bending impact, and since the temperature of the cup is hard to change even when hot water or cold water is added, it is easy to hold, so actually using it Saw.

Highly transparent silicone glass-shupua-

This is"Shupua". Two types of products are deployed, the cup series and the glass series.

First of all, the cup series.

Semi-transparent colored cups are available in 8 different colors: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Red, Green and Purple.

Transparent ones are three colors of clear, clear, clear and blue.

The size is 71 mm in diameter and 110 mm in height. It has become a gradation from the edge of the glass to the bottom.

Weight is 120 g.

Clear cup was also 120 g.

Inside is like this.

The top of the cup is very soft and deforms gently with just a little effort.

Meanwhile, the bottom was solid, and it did not deform when pushed all at once.

I will try putting water in the glass.

Is not it hard to hold if it is too soft? Although it is worried, it is solid compared with the edge per mid, and it will be dented if you bring in power, but it does not deform with Gagnaggia as much as the part of the edge.

The appearance of actually making cups as guyaggua can be confirmed from the following movie.

I tried to move "shupua" to Gnyagna - YouTube

The appearance of moving the cup with water in it is from the following.

I tried to move the cup with water in "shupua" - YouTube

Although there were glasses and cups using silicone so far, most of them were translucent, and it was said that there was no completely transparent silicone cup.

However, the clear of shupua is transparent like a real glass, and the other side of the cup is clearly visible.

Below are genuine glass cups. Transparency is nearly the same.

Also, even if you do not drop a glass cup, if you hit a hard object or give it a shock, it will result in cracks like this.

However, since shupua is a transparent material but a soft material, it will not break even if you drop it from your desk. The state of actually dropping the cup from the desk is from the following movie.

I tried to drop "shupua" on the floor - YouTube

Even if you accidentally drop it on a table at a party etc., shupua will not be a catastrophe.

"Shupua" - YouTube

Meanwhile, the glass series is three clear colors of clear, clear blue, clear green.

Weight is 164 g per piece.

I will actually add water.

It is a solid form than a cup, 87 mm in diameter × 105 mm in height.

This also deforms the edge part with Gignaggua ... ...

The middle is rather firm.

Shupua has low thermal conductivity and it does not change the temperature of the cup itself even if hot drinks or cold drinks are put in it, so it is safe for children to use it, but how much is actually different? So, by shupua ·Bodum Double Wall Insulation Mug· I checked the temperature change of normal glasses.

First of all it was shupua just after putting in hot water.

Surface temperature is 23.6 degrees.

Thermal mug ...

23.4 degrees, almost the same as shupua.

I will also investigate general glasses.

There is a considerable temperature difference as before 2, 74.4 degrees. It was enough to feel "hot" when held with hands.

When we measured again after 10 minutes, the shupua was 40.2 degrees, the heat keeping mug was 34.8 degrees, the normal glass was 51.6 degrees, the surface temperature of shupua gradually rose compared with the heat retention mug, The temperature of the glass fell.

At this point the temperature of the hot water in the shupua is 50.6 degrees, the heat keeping mug is 50.0 degrees, the usual glass is 45.6 degrees, the hot water in the usual glass is the coldest.

After 30 minutes, the surface temperature of shupua is 30.4 degrees, the temperature keeping mug is 26.6 degrees, the usual glass is 35.0 degrees.

The hot water in the shupua was 36.8 degrees, the heat keeping mug was 40.0 degrees, the usual glass was 35.2 degrees. It is normal glass that the temperature difference between the surface temperature and the hot water in the inside is almost normal, the heat retention mug has a difference of 10 degrees or more, shupua keeps a little warmth compared to normal glass although it is not warmth than the heat retention mug It seems that you can do.

When I brought a shupua that actually poured hot water, I did not feel any heat as soon as I poured and the cup became warm gradually as time went on but the temperature did not rise as hard as I had did.

Wash the used cup with a mild detergent.

When washing use a soft sponge.

Although it got dirty quickly, some materials stuck on top of one another, some of them could not be separated easily.

So it was difficult to crack while maintaining the transparency like glass, and there was no warming effect but the surface temperature was low, so it was made that there is no worry of burning. Since color things and clear things are very beautiful appearance, it seems that they can be used not only for drinking but also for display.

In addition, the price is 1890 yen including tax, glass is 2310 yen including tax.

Highly transparent silicone glass-shupua-

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