Former employee sued Google as "Google is making employees spy on each other"

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A person who used to serve as a product manager for Google once filed an appeal against the old nest as "Google has encouraged employees to see each other in company regulations."

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According to the complaint of the man who filed the lawsuit, Google imposes obligation to keep confidential information to employees, but some of them are "misleading" contents. Although it is considered that it is natural to ask employees not to leak out the secrets of companies they knew about in business, it is argued that men have problems with the following three points .

First of all, it is said that employees are notified not to document it even if there is an illegal act being done in the workplace. This seems to be the same even if it is for corporate lawyers. The reason is that it is considered to be a measure to prevent this, as Google will be required to submit documents when there is litigation etc.

The second is that we should not tell anyone what happened inside Google's company, especially prohibiting talking to outside people. This is clearly stipulated that even a creation such as "a story of a person working for a Silicon Valley company" must be disclosed unless Google checks and approves the manuscript before publishing it. about.

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And the third is the most noteworthy point of this time. However, as a basic policy, we aim to prevent employees from conducting suspicious behavior with the aim of preventing information from leaking to the outside It is said that it shows a posture to encourage investigation. The person who caused the appeal is exactly the "victim" of this policy, although details are unknown, it seems that Google has been fired for the reason of information leak.

Depending on the viewpoint, it seems to be "punishment", but the contents covered here is that it violates California's labor law which encourages free exchange of opinions with employees. If Google loses as a result of litigation, Google will need to pay a fine of 3.8 billion dollars (about 450 billion yen). Of that, 75% will enter the state, but the remainder will be distributed to all Google employees and will be calculated to earn $ 14,600 per person (about 1.7 million yen).

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