"Trojan horse" is found in the farm fair of at least 26 models of low price smart phones & tablets

It was discovered that Trojan horse that download malware and any unwanted software is built in the firmware with a low price smartphone that can be bought at around 10,000 yen and a tablet of under 20,000 yen. As of December 12, 2016, 26 models are known, but more models may be infected.

Doctor Web, found trojans in firmware of well-known Android device

Doctor Web discovers Trojans in firmware of well-known Android mobile devices - Dr.Web - innovative anti-virus technologies. Comprehensive protection from Internet threats.

This Trojan horseAndroid.DownLoader.473.origin"I discovered the Doctor Web, the developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software.

Android.DownLoader.473.origin is a "downloader type Trojan horse" that starts operation every time the terminal is started, downloads and installs the program without permission. Some of the software to download are harmless, but include malware such as "H5GameCenter" which displays small images that can not be erased on the front of running applications. It is possible to delete H5GameCenter, but even if you delete it, Android.DownLoader.473.origin will download and install again.

Android.DownLoader.473.origin is detected as of December 12, 2016,
· MegaFon Login 4 LTE
· Irbis TZ 85
· Irbis TX 97
· Irbis TZ43
· Bravis NB 85
· Bravis NB 105
· SUPRA V2N 10
· Pixus Touch 7.85 3G
· Itell K3300
· General Satellite GS700
· Digma Plane 9.7 3G
· Nomi C 07000
· Prestigio MultiPad Wize 3021 3G
· Prestigio MultiPad PMT 5001 3G
· Optima 10.1 3G TT 1040 MG
· Marshal ME-711
· 7 MID
· Explay Imperium 8
Perfeo 9032 _ 3 G
· Ritmix RMD-1121
· Oysters T72HM 3G
· Irbis tz 70
· Irbis tz 56
· Jeka JK 103
26 models. There is a possibility that it is built into this other terminal only by the one whose detection is confirmed to the last.

Also, in Lenovo A 319 and Lenovo A 6000, it is a different Trojan horseAndroid.Sprovider.7Has been confirmed.

According to Doctor Web, any Trojan horse is considered to be "an unscrupulous external trustee involved in creating an Android system image embedded in the Android firmware for the purpose of making money using the user" It is that.

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