You can find an application that downloads, installs, and acquires root privileges without permission on Google Play


A security company specialized in mobile terminals · Lookout reports that Google Play discovered an application (game) containing malware downloaded arbitrarily despite the user's not allowing it.

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Malware found is "BrainTestWhat is called. Once you get into the terminal, you download other apps (games) containing malware, and you will appreciate high evaluation without permission. However, it seems that some girls gave a purely high evaluation as it included fun things for games aimed at spreading malware.

In addition, as a troublesome thing, obtaining root authority, copying some files to the system area, and taking countermeasures so as not to be deleted. For this reason, it is necessary to refresh the contents with the official ROM provided once again by restarting if the infected "Delete the application causing the cause or its associated application" revives the malware. There is that.

Incidentally, in September 2015, "BrainTest" discovered that Checkpoint of a security company was put in a puzzle game application named "Brain Test". After reporting to Google, the application was deleted from Google Play, but it seems that it has been restored by changing its name.

BrainTest - A New Level of Sophistication in Mobile Malware

Lookout found out this time 13 types of malware apps pretending to be games, already deleted from Google Play. As for Android applications and games, since malicious contamination is often found on Google Play, the official app store, please be more careful when downloading and installing strange applications and games.

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