Crash-prone Android app goes downgraded on Google Play

BySiddartha Thota

In order to make it easier for users to find reputable apps on Google Play, Google adopts a policy of demoting poorly reputed apps from the search rankings. The latest countermeasure is a new algorithm using a new algorithm, elements such as "many crashes", "application with low user rating", etc. are automatically determined, displayed on the Google Play ranking and Google search results in the top position It becomes difficult.

Crashy Android apps will get downranked in the Google Play Store - The Verge

Google is "Android ExcellenceDeveloped a new program called "good application" when Google decided to put it in places where Google Play is easy to see,Determine the "bad application" to request more than necessary authority using a machine learningAnd sorting so that good apps come to the top, we are taking a policy to exclude users who are disadvantageous to users from Google Play.

Newly adopted a new algorithm, Google built a mechanism to automatically demote "bad app" from the ranking of Google Play or search results of Google based on the "number of crashes" etc. In general, the Android application has been evaluated as "many applications are of lower quality than the iOS application", but Google combines these algorithms and artificial intelligence tools such as machine learning automatically, such as malware etc. It is a challenge to eliminate "bad apps" that have the possibility of including threats.

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