AMD's "Radeon RX Vega 64" is the best mining grabber ever in history and PC gamers may get tormented hard

AMD adopted microarchitecture "Vega" on August 14, 2017 Graphic board "Radeon RX VegaWe will release the series. As for AMD, RX Vega was waiting for PC gamer to lengthen his head as being a high performance graphic board for the first time in two years, but the minor who digs the virtual currency also aimed at RX Vega as a tigret, It is pointed out that there is the possibility of being unfolded.

RUMOR: AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 to be great for mining |

VideoCardz got information on the performance of RX Vega as it is about to be released. According to it, the mining speed using RX Vega's GPU is extremely good "70 to 100 MH / s".

The speed of mining is expressed in units of "H / s" which is a one second hash value, and the higher the value of H / s is, the higher the speed of excavating a virtual currency is, and it is possible to get many currencies, so the virtual currency The value of H / s is an extremely important index for the minor of.

Comparing the mining speed of a representative virtual currency Ethereum (Eliaryam) is as follows. The speed of NVIDIA's high-end graphic board "GeForce GTX 1080Ti" is 31.3 MH / s, which is the highest value for consumer graphics boards currently on the market. In other words, if the leak information obtained by VideoCardz is correct, RX Vega 64 will become a powerful mining graphic board more than twice GTX 1080 Ti.

The initial cost required for virtual currency mining is the price of the system including the graphic board. The price of RX Vega 64 is 499 dollars (about 55,000 yen), which is very advantageous since it is lower than GTX 1080 Ti of 699 dollars (about 77,000 yen). However, in mining, the running cost of electricity charges can be over initial cost, so it is an important factor how much actual power consumption of RX Vega 64 with a high TDP of 295 W is important, but if it is more than 70 MH / s If it is possible to mining explosive power cost will likely not be an obstacle likely to be high.

AMD's middle range class graphic boards Radeon RX 480 / RX 470 and RX 580/570, which had already been sold, were purchased mainly by China's minor when it was found that cost performance in mining was high in the price rising phase of the earma rim, The phenomenon that the graphic board disappears from global scale occurred on a global scale. With the coming of mining bubbles, the graphic board fell into the situation that it did not go to the hands of PC gamers.

AMD and NVIDIA have released mining products such as mining exclusive graphic boards without external output terminals in order to cope with situations where minor buggy graphic boards due to mining bubbles causing stock out, Because the warranty period was set shorter than the graphic board for games on the assumption that it would be overworked by mining, the circumstance that the minor bought a graphic board for games was not improved.

AMD has delayed announcement of RX Vega series to produce a certain amount of RX Vega 64/56 to prevent out of stock, but RX Vega series is high mining like leak information If you have performance, PC gamers are likely to compete against minor graphic boards.

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