Movie "Gintama" special information video release, finally the silver times move with live action

Movie released in July 2017Gintama"Special feature image of the teen and posters were released. The original is a popular manga of the Weekly Shonen Jump. Finally, in this specials video, silver time, Shinkachi, Kagura moves.

"Gintama" special information - YouTube

Having a wooden sword written as "Toyako" ...

Sakata Gintoki.

I will knock down the giant Giant.

This is Shimura Shinpachi

And Kagura.

Pretty serious ... ....?


...... And thinking, countdown animation style mini characters also appeared, it is realized again that it is visualization of Gintama.

The movie is released in July 2017.

Also, a toother poster published according to a special report is a kore. Catch copy is "Samurai is a stupid one, consolable!"

Shun Oguri as silver time role and Mr. Kanako Hashimoto as Kagura role dyed the ground hair and throw the appearance thoroughly to the character. As Mr. Masaki Sugata of the Shinkin role played in the specials video, it is already the state of Shinpachi itself.

It seems that we will be excited all the way to the release of the movie, as other character visuals will be released one after another.

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Screenplay / Director: Yuichi Fukuda
Original: Hideo Sorachi (Shueisha 'Weekly Shonen Jump' series)
Production: "Gintama" Production Committee
Production Production: Plus Dee
Distribution: Warner Bros. Movie
Copyright: © Sorachi Hideaki / Shueisha © 2017 "Gintama" Production Committee
Official Twitter:@ Gintama_film

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