The movie "Gintama" is decided to be released on July 14, 2017, and the visual of Keiro Katsura is also released

Known for drama "Yoshihiko Brave" series and movie "HK Metamorphosis mask"Yuichi FukudaThe release date of the director's movie "Gintama" was decided on 14th July 2017 (Friday). Also, according to this, Katarō Kotaro's visual, which Masato Okada plays following three main casts, is also released.

Live action movie! Official website of 2017 released movie "Gintama"

Katsutaro Katsura is a childhood friend who learned with Yoshida Matsuyoshi at the time of silver, Shinsuke Takasugi, an ally of the Yi War war era, and now survived by Yuishi Shishin who is wanted by the shogunate. From the moment of silver it is called "Zura", and promises to return it as "It is not Zura, Katsura". Mr. Masao Okada who plays, "I will perform firmly so as not to be disappointed with the original fan fans, I am called Kotaro of escape, but Okada will not escape!" And expressed that spirit.

By the way, behind Katsura is also the mysterious part of extraterrestrial life Elizabeth as a partner. Basically I do not speak, I use placard for communication. Mr. Tsuyoshi Takasugi who is in charge of assistant director Tsuyoshi Tosugi commented that "honestly, Elizabeth wanted to do ...", what kind of feeling does the movie express in one piece?

In the future, visuals will be released more and more toward the release of the movie, so please look forward to it.

◆ Work information
Screenplay / Director: Yuichi Fukuda
Cast: Oguri Shun Sugata Masashi Hashimoto Kana
Original: "Gintama" Sorachi Hideaki (Shueisha "Weekly Shonen Jump" series)
Production: "Gintama" Production Committee
Production Production: Plus Dee
Distribution: Warner Bros. Movie
Copyright: © Sorachi Hideaki / Shueisha © 2017 "Gintama" Production Committee
Official Twitter:@ Gintama_film

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