Plans to assert that there is no global warming Plump is planned to help meteorological data from the next president

ByAmanda Graham

Internet archive to Canada to prepare for Internet censorship enhancementPlanning to build a new serverVarious efforts are being made to prepare for the next trump regime such as doing. Environmental problems are one of them, and Mr. Trump, which shows the attitude of "There is no global warming", may delete past weather data, so even libraries, universities, and individual programmers may use past weather data I am working on preservation.

Energy Dept. rejects Trump's request to name climate-change workers, who remain worried - The Washington Post

During the election period, Mr. Trump said numerous times as "global warming is cooked up in China" and was showing a skeptical attitude towards the view that global warming is occurring due to artificial reasons. After winning the president Fox News Sunday said that there is no prejudice against global warming, on the other hand, the administration transition team, which will take over from the current Obama administration to the next trump regime, I asked the Department of Energy to submit climate change problem personnel and a list of researchers. Vox at the news site will call this request "Modern witch hunting"I express it.

It is a labor union of government officialsNational Treasury Employees Union(NTEU)Mr. Jeff Egan said that he received several phone calls and e-mails from the Department of Energy's officials requesting lists and asked, "The list requested made a lot of employees working at the Department of Energy uneasy." In addition, the Ministry of Energy refuses to submit the roster, which makes it difficult for the Department of Energy to shift to the new regime.

The Internet archive is planning to build a new server in Canada to prepare for the strengthening of Internet censorship by the next President of TrumpBut organizations preparing for the Trump regime will not remain in the Internet archive.

Because the content of the federal government currently being sent in the gov domain and other domains as of 2016 may be deleted in the trump regime, the Library of Congress, California Digital Library, North Texas University Library, Internet Archive, George Washington The University Library, Stanford University Library, and the US Government Printing Bureau are aiming to preserve the US federal government website that is the end of the Obama administrationEnd of Term 2016 archive"We are working on a web archive project.It is published on the website of the United States Environmental Protection AgencyData on environmental issues such as global warming are included in the above contents, and it is considered highly likely that they will be deleted under the trump regime.

Therefore, the TechnoScience Laboratory of the University of Toronto will implement Hackasson on December 17th in collaboration with the End of Term 2016 archive, aiming to "protect the environmental data from the Trump regime."

Guerrilla Archiving Event: Saving Environmental Data from Trump | Faculty of Information (iSchool) | University of Toronto

Guerrilla Archiving Event: Saving Environmental Data from Trump | TECHNOSCIENCE RESEARCH UNIT

Also, as a programmer and environmental problem researcherNick SantosMr. Mirror site to store datasets on weatherClimate Mirror"Is created. Currently the past data of the American Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency is preserved and can be accessed via FTP. It is planned to further increase the data set in the future.

Climate Mirror

Furthermore, on December 13, 2016 Japan time, Mr. Trump nominated Mr. Rick Perry to Energy Secretary. Like Mr. Perry, Mr. Perry is skeptical of human-induced climate change, and in the past insists on deregulation of the oil industry. According to Mr. Perry's appointment, the next trump regime is considered not to be an alternative fuel, but to fossil fuel,

Rick Perry, Ex-Governor of Texas, Is Trump's Pick as Energy Secretary - The New York Times

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