Updated display of "Battery remaining estimated time" of new MacBook Pro

When I clicked on the battery icon of MacBook, I had a function to calculate and display how many hours the battery will run out, but the latest updateMacOS 10.12.2", This function has been deleted.

Why Apple is removing 'time remaining' battery life estimates following MacBook Pro complaints | 9to5Mac

With macOS 10.12.2, new emoticons, screenshot shooting function etc. of Touch Bar etc. were added, but when the battery icon was clicked, the remaining time calculation function displayed was deleted. Apple explained that deleting this function "because the display time was not accurate."

The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar reported problems of battery exhaustion being too fast for both 13 and 15 inches. Apple has set the battery life of the new MacBook Pro to "Maximum 10 hours", but when the battery is full and the remaining time is "4 hours 38 minutesScreenshots and so on are calculated.

According to 9to 5Mac which investigated this matter, it is a fact that calculation of battery remaining time is inaccurate, it is difficult to predict when changing related to the remaining battery level such as low power mode. Calculation time fluctuates even by using an application with a heavy battery consumption, so even if it is displayed as "remaining one hour", the battery may run out after 30 minutes depending on usage. Apple sees this as a misunderstanding feature, and it seems to have deleted it.

According to the 9 to 5 Mac survey, the fact that the new MacBook Pro reports that "battery consumption is intense" is one of the reasons that synchronization of iCloud set in the new MacBook Pro is caused. For machines that have just set up iCloud, storage optimization, Spotlight indexing, facial recognition capabilities of photo apps, etc. can put a heavy burden on the battery. When a user with even more data syncs with iCloud, iCloud synchronizing in the background consumes the battery remarkably. The battery consumption problem will be improved after several days of setup, 9 to 5 Mac speaks.

Also, Apple's "battery up to 10 hours" battery specification is based on specific settings, 9 to 5 Mac survey also recorded the battery duration "about 8 hours", the new MacBook Pro to the hardware It is reported that the problem of the battery was not seen.

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