Multiple users report that battery consumption has increased after updating to iOS 16

Several users are reporting that their iPhone battery life is getting shorter after updating to

iOS 16 , which is available from September 13, 2022.

iOS 16 battery life: iPhone users continue to complain - 9to5Mac

Updating your iPhone to the latest iOS usually results in a temporary drop in battery life immediately after installing the update. This is because iOS is doing things like re-indexing files, photos, apps, etc. in the background. Apple-related media 9to5Mac points out that this kind of battery impact is more pronounced in iOS 16 than in conventional software updates. The reason why the battery impact is so big is that iOS 16 is a very large update.

For the above reasons, complaints about battery life are inundated immediately after a new software update is released. However, once the background indexing is complete, the user's frustration will go away as battery life will improve. However, iOS 16 still has complaints about battery life about two weeks after its release, and many users continue to claim that ``iOS 16 has completely destroyed the battery life of the iPhone''.

Many users on social media such as Reddit, TikTok and Twitter are reporting that their iPhone battery life has significantly decreased since installing iOS 16 two weeks ago. In a survey of users conducted by 9to5Mac , 63% of iPhone users reported that their iPhone battery life decreased after installing iOS 16.

Also, one Reddit user said, 'My iPhone's battery drain is much more intense than it used to be. Nothing has changed per se, with iOS 15 I had roughly 85-90% battery left when I got home, but with iOS 16 it's around 65-75%, in my opinion my iPhone I think the battery consumption of is too much even though I hardly use it.'

Another user said, 'My iPhone 13 Pro Max battery is draining like crazy. Battery life has changed from 11-12 hours to just about 7 hours after updating to iOS 16, and FaceTime and picture-in-picture makes the device very slow.I know it takes a few days for the battery consumption to return to normal after a major iOS update, but it's been about a week now. I am thinking about returning the OS version to 15.7, ”he reports that he is also thinking about downgrading iOS.

Many users have reported that iOS 16 uses more battery, but Apple has not made an official statement on the matter. Apple has released iOS 16.0.2, but the release notes make no mention of improving battery life.

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