Drone "DJI MAVIC PRO" with self tracking auto tracking shooting function "active track" review

From the DJI known for drones such as "Phantom" series with high stability and "Inspire" series used for professional photography, a new drone called "Flying Camera"Mavic PRO"Has appeared. In addition to the high stability and maneuverability unique to DJI, I was able to borrow a new drone equipped with an automatic tracking shooting system called "active track", so I will try various kinds of shooting possible did.

Mavic - Wherever you go

Mavic Pro and transmitter arrived at the editorial department. It has become a sharp design, and it was a slightly different image from the DJI drones so far.

Mavic Pro was designed as a linear keynote & gray keynote. As described later, the four arms are designed to be foldable.

That is why I actually skipped the movie with 4K image quality. The state of tracking objects automatically is an amazing level, so you can see that this one has the performance that seems to be compatible with most aerial shooting scenes.

DJI's drone "Mavic Pro" Actual machine review · Self-filming function "Active track" etc I tried using - YouTube

On the front of the aircraft, a 12-megapixel camera capable of shooting movies at 4 K @ 30 fps is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal. The viewing angle is 78.8 degrees and the f value is 2.2. In the case of still images, shooting with a maximum of 4000 × 3000 pixels is possible. Although a transparent cover is attached, it is OK even if you flip it off when flighting.

In addition to displaying the status of the aircraft, the LED indicator on the rear of the aircraft also helps you locate the flight in conjunction with the red LED on the front.

On the bottom of the aircraft, two ultrasonic sensors and a camera "downward vision system" are installed. Let's keep in mind that the safety system is made redundant so that safety can be secured even if trouble occurs in the sensor by any chance.

Four arms can be folded like this. In a folded state, the height is 83 mm × width 83 mm × depth 198 mm and it becomes a very compact state, and it is easy to carry because the protruding part disappears. Weight is 743 grams.

The transmitter is structured so that the lower half can be opened and integrated with the mobile device. The application "DJI GO" provided by DJI isIOS versionWhenAndroid versionAre available, and the iOS version can also be used on iPod Touch.

In the part of the grip that grips the transmitter, the terminal connected to the smartphone was hidden.

By the way, it is also possible to steer with just a smartphone without using a transmitter.

The screen of the application "DJI GO" looks something like this. You can check the images sent from the Mavic PRO in flight in real time and perform operations such as recording and camera shooting.

When using "active track" that can track objects automatically, designate objects displayed on the smartphone screen with fingers so that they are surrounded by green squares ......

The character "GO" is displayed, so if you tap it, automatic tracking will start. Very lactine so it can be operated intuitively by touching the screen.

While keeping track of, keep catching the target firmly like this. It seems to be surprised when you look at the actual situation for the first time because it sees it so well.

In tracking mode, in addition to "trace" keeping track of the object, "profile" mode which keeps track of a certain distance ... ...

There is a "spotlight" mode in which the position of the drone is fixed to a single point. You can see the difference when you see the movie.

There is also a "gesture" mode that allows you to use Mavic PRO like a self-shooting camera.

When shooting with a gesture, first pose to pose to raise both hands diagonally upward towards Mavic PRO with active track on. The gesture mode will be in standby now.

In that state, if you make a square with fingers of both hands to confirm the angle of the camera, the application recognizes the motion and performs timer shooting. Taking this pose, the red LED on the front of the fuselage blinks quickly and the shutter is released after 3 seconds, so it's OK if you pose according to the timing.

Mavic Pro is sold with a basic set including a main body, transmitter, spare propeller and various accessories including tax of 114,800 yen. Also, two batteries, a charging hub that can be charged at the same time, and a storage bag that is convenient to carry are set as "Fly More Combo"Are also available, and are sold for 155,800 yen including tax at Amazon, etc. By the way, at the time of article creation, production had not kept pace, and it was in the state of waiting for orders across the board.

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