Driverless race "Roborace" developed car with automatic driving car finally released the circuit lap test

Competition for development of automatic driving cars is being carried out by major automobile manufacturers and high-tech enterprises such as Google, but development competition is also flourishing in the world of racing. Race by automatic driving car without driver "RoboraceFinally made an unmanned driving test on the circuit under November 12, 2016, about a year after the project announcement under the public view.

You can check how the Roborace developed vehicle "DEVBOT" blows up the circuit with a driverless in the following movie.

Inside Roborace - Episode 3 - YouTube

A driving test in Roborace's automatic driving mode was held in Marrakech, Morocco.

Hassan circuit in Marrakesh is set.

"Finally the unattended Roborace machine" DEVBOT "will run the circuit, this is a historical event," said Justin, the marketing leader of the Roborace project.

First of all, the test of the automatic operation mode with the driver on board. Basically, the driver does not perform the driving operation, and when it falls into a dangerous state, it only urgently controls DEVBOT.

"Autonomous operation mode" is ON.

As the driver releases his hand from the handle, it grips firmly on the hand brake or roll bar and the preparation is completed.

DEVBOT started sounding "Don".

"I'm coming in a few seconds" to the running sound of DEVBOT heard from a distance, Mr. Justin is excited.

DEVBOT to run well.

The test run with the driver successfully succeeded.

"It will be a more important day tomorrow," said Mr. Brin, the top technical unit.

The test of the unmanned running which can not carry the driver which was carried out the next day was released in the presence of many stakeholders.

The first unmanned driving test of the circuit by DEVBOT in the world was carried out while many people such as Formula E officials, local civilians, and TV station crew watched.

DEVBOT waiting for that time on the course. I no longer have a driver.

The staff are watching with a tense face ... ...

The green lamp lights up.

DEVBOT has started.

In pit loading, the speed is controlled to automatically keep the speed limit.

Dennis' CEO is "exciting personally" and it seems that he can not keep excited.

DEVBOT that entered the course gradually increases the speed.

Of course there is no driver in the cockpit.

The steering will automatically rotate and clear the corner.

The first lap is over.

Clapping is sent from the course side.

End of lap 4.

"It's the fastest time"

All 12 laps running tests, including 10 laps of fully open laps, have been successfully successful.

"The success of today's test is a record event for Roborace"

"We announced the Roborace project on November 26, 2015. Today it is November 12, 2016. It has reached this point in less than a year," Justin feels the response to the Roborace project Appearance.

DEVBOT's development which succeeded the circuit running in a superbly unmanned situation will continue further. Roborace is an electric F1 "Formula E"The race will be held according to the 2016/2017 season, and it is likely that Roborace will be held by the summer of 2017 if it goes as planned.

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