"Ancestor-sama" which makes Apple feel the future iPhone which Apple designed in the 1980s

The iPhone that many people have in the world now is announced at Macworld Expo 2007 held in January 2007 and was released in the United States in June of the same year. Many people know the spread to the rest afterwards, but in fact Apple appeared to be planning products related to telephones in the 1980s as well. A person whose father was engaged in the product planning of Apple at the time published a part of the design and model materials at the time, among which products that lead to the idea of ​​smartphones, in which information is displayed on a large liquid crystal screen It contains.

Apple's First Phone Design Never Made It to Market | Low End Mac

This material was released in German media "FudderI am writing an article withMarc EslingerMr. and his father designed a number of Sony products from the 1970's to the 1980's, after which he signed a long-term contract with Apple, and later with the Steve Jobs and others they have made legendary designs such as Apple IIcHartmut EsslingerHe is a person.

Included in Mr. Eslinger 's material was a telephone that was designed in 1983. In addition to the characteristic handset design, a large liquid crystal display is arranged in the front part.

In addition to various information, the display "software keyboard" is also displayed on the display. Furthermore, in order to touch and operate the screen, "Jobs" famous "stylus" is equipped with what I disliked.

The image actually being operated is this. What is displayed on the screen is a screen like a check. Although details are not made clear at all, it seems that it was supposed to do settlement with checks often used in the United States via a telephone line, to be conceived from the screen.

This means that it was a device to realize the concept of "online payment" now. Looking back at this way, it seems that the function realized with the current smartphone is the result of the concept already existed around the 1980s.

Besides this, it's like a tablet-like terminal ... ...

Also like Mac which specialized in music production.

Also, it seems that a stylish Fax machine and so on were installed, with a keyboard and handset set on the front of the main unit, and with a built-in printer on the right side.

A lot of Eslinger's designs can be seen at the following site "fudder.de".

The very first iPhone - Fotogalerien - Freiburg - fudder.de

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