Negative emotions are key to mental health's health and happiness

ByFatma gultekin

There are a few cases where you feel regret that your emotions are negative or you feel sorry for a while, but in reality there is a very big merit in accepting negative emotions from the point of view of mental health It is.

Negative Emotions Are Key to Well-Being - Scientific American

According to Tori Rodriguez, a psychologist, many of the clients (patients) that she conducted counseling tended to say "I am sorry for becoming negative as I talk about my feelings." The ultimate goal of doing therapy is "to accept and express a wide range of emotions", but on the contrary, this client seems to be feeling sorry about such behavior of oneself. This trend is seen in other clients as well, and Rodriguez said that because there is a social bias of "why must we think positively" for that reason.

Rodriguez says that feelings of sadness and anger are an important part of life. In addition, recent studies have revealed the fact that experiencing and accepting those emotions is very important in mental health (mental health). If you attempt to kill and push emotions forcefully, a rebound will occur. Professor Jonathan M. Adler of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering says, "Admitting that life is complicated is a very fruitful way of obtaining spiritual fulfillment" I will.

BySilvia Sala

Positive thinking is an important thing in obtaining unquestionably psychological satisfaction. However, it can be said that emphasizing too much positiveness is incompatible with the complexity of the real world and "Hidusa". Moreover, by looking for positive and diverting our eyes from the imminent danger or becoming indifferent, the attitude and way of thinking of that person becomes overly optimisticresearch resultHas also been announced.

On the other hand, I value "significance"HappinessThe approach is that it is required to confront "adversity of life" for self-growth and understanding. Whether it is an unpleasant feeling, it can be said that it is as important as "joy" in understanding the meaning of life with ups and downs. Professor Adler said, "One of the most important reasons we have feelings is that it plays an important role in evaluating our experience."

ByDmitry Kalinin

Trying to push and kill negative feelings also leads to amplifying that thought. A research team at the University of New South Wales Australia instructed some participants to go to bed after pushing off the unpleasant feelings felt on that day. Then, many of the participants remembered that in many dreams.

In this way, even if it is a negative emotion, it is important that "acceptance" as it is, "feeling is just a feeling", "feeling is just a feeling". Also, if the thought is too strong, it is important to try not to stay inside by changing the point of view by spitting out. By accepting that there is a negative emotion, it seems that you will be able to get along well with negative emotions by making you feel guilty about what is not positive.

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