Robot action dead to reinforce weapons and equipment many times Death to the death "Heart & Slash"

"Sylen of the wind"Or"The great adventure of Toruneko Mystery Dungeon"such asRogue-like gameAs in the robot action game which progresses while discovering or strengthening equipment in the changing dungeon every time you play "Heart & Slash"is. The game is characterized by the fact that it is necessary to gather items for strengthening the equipment while learning and learning the boss' s strategy method, while the game is a retro graphic like a game of the Super Nintendo, but the movement of the robot The gap that makes the most unique game unique is also becoming a game that becomes a habit.

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The action scene of "Heart & Slash" is more intense than I imagined. The actual play movie can be seen from the following.

"Heart & Slash" collective warfare short - YouTube

Boss fight during "Heart & Slash" - YouTube

"Heart & Slash" boss fight short - YouTube

In the game, you can choose between "tutorial" where you can see the introduction of the story of the game while learning how to operate, and "play" that enters the main part as it is. Choosing 'Tutorial' ...

The story starts from the laboratory.

The humanoid robot operated by the player is like this

In the tutorial we will follow the method of operation in accordance with the speech of Dr. Sympathic character of the character which holds the key of the story.

The operation method is as follows.

Robot rebellion "ROVORATION" happens when doing the tutorial all the way ......

That 100 years later will be the stage of the main game.

The robot displayed in the red frame part that you operate with this volume

At the start of the game there are three lights as follows ... ...

You can get equipment if you get close to this. You can equip three weapons, the one you equip in the middle becomes the main weapon, the one you equip the right you can use with pressing "R2", the one you left equipped is holding "L2" You will be able to use it.

What falls to the start point is not only weapons but equipment to change the appearance and performance of the robot ......

Sometimes shields are falling.

That's why the appearance of the robot when playing Heart & Slash for the first time is like this. The body of the robot is to duck - chan ....

Equipped weapons and shields are displayed on the upper left of the screen, and weapons can be switched by pressing the "L2" or "R2" button. When equipped with a shield it feels like this.

Enemy robots emerge from various places on the stage.

If you hit this with a weapon OK. However, since the life (the upper left of the screen) of the robot decreases quickly just by repeatedly hitting the button, it is necessary to read the enemy's attack pattern and use the shield.

The enemy character that appears is from human type ......

Large Robo

In addition, enemy robots of countless numbers may attack at once.

You can see the battle scene in the following movie when it is surrounded by a lot of enemy robots in fact.

"Heart & Slash" collective warlong - YouTube

Besides, from a black robot called "slash" like a middle boss ......

Various enemies will come up to the super huge boss robot.

The battle with the first boss robot "FRANK-Y" can be seen in the following movie.

"Heart & Slash" Boss Battle Long - YouTube

New weapons and equipment will be unlocked as below when you defeat enemies or clear certain conditions.

You can get that weapon and equipment not only at the start of the game but also on the stage.

What kind of weapons actually exist, spears ......



Various such as dumbbells.

There is also a long range weapon called a shotgun.

There are equipment for the robot's head, torso, hands and feet, and it is good that the appearance of the robot changes every time equipment increases.

Also, you can get a screw by defeating the enemy robot.

Screws will be displayed in boxes when ten are collected.

Press the "OPTION" button on the controller to check the equipment of the robot ......

Can be strengthened. Screw is necessary for strengthening.

Since there is not a chance to recover life easily during the game, it is also possible to recover the life by putting out the acquired equipment for recycling.

If that life is gone, the robot will explode and the game is over.

Once it dies, it will be restarted from the beginning of the stage, but only the screws collected during the game can be carried over.

Since this item can be used for strengthening weapons and equipment, if you can not go ahead early, hands to save screws for coming times are also ants.

"Heart & Slash" is distributed for PS 4 and Steam,For Steam it is 1480 yen,For PS 4 it is 1944 yenis.

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