2D Classic Sonic "Sonic Mania" play review of the whole body made by maniac who appeared for the first time in 23 years

According to the game title, a new work of 23 years of 2D classic sonic in the mega drive era that manians made plenty of affection for Sonic, raised it "Sonic Mania"is. Distribution has started on PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One from Wednesday, August 16, 2017, and the first work of the series that appeared in 1991 "Sonic the hedgehog", Released in 1992"Sonic the Hedgehog 2"Released in 1993,"Sonic CD"Released in 1994,"Sonic the Hedgehog 3"When"Sonic & KnucklesYorinuki the popularity of the stage from ", so that the play can be new games in the mood of" old for new "by adding such new gimmick, I tried to play to download immediately.

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Sonic Mania is distributed to three game machines, PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One, but this time I played PlayStation 4 version.

The start screen at the start of the game looks something like this and is a dot picture reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog. If you leave it for a while without pressing the button as it is, you can also watch the original opening animation movie.

The opening movie & start screen of "Sonic Mania" looks something like this - YouTube

When the initial game is started, the following warning is displayed. Although Sonic Mania is a dot picture that does not differ from the original Sonic of MegaDrive, it works well with the auto save function as it will be played on the latest game machine.

The main menu looks something like this. Only the "story mode", "option" and "other" can be selected at the first start, and only "staff credits" can be seen at "other". If you select "Option" ...

You can apply an effect to the video during play, adjust the volume, check the operation method, and set the language.

The operation method of Sonic Mania is very simple as follows. If you have played the mega drive Sonic series, you should get used to operations in a matter of minutes after playing for the first time in a while.

In "video" it is also possible to apply a screen effect like a cathode-ray tube TV, which makes me remember when I was playing the Sonic series on a CRT TV.

That's why I chose "Story Mode" which is the only game mode that I can play.

Save data can be selected at the start of the game, you can also select the character to use at the time of play by entering the up and down keys. Four choices are available: "Sonic & Tails" "Sonic" "Tails" "Knuckles", "Sonic & Tails" is displayed by default. If you choose "Sonic & Tails," Tails will automatically run as an NPC if you play for one, but you can operate Tails if you play for two, you can also fly by pulling Sonic I will. Also, even if Tepes of 2P makes a mistake, it will not be a game over, so it is also a point to enjoy cooperative play with ease.

This time I chose "Story Mode" by selecting "Sonic & Tails" and playing alone. The movie starts at the beginning.

Before Sonic who was blowing in the jungle, several mysterious egg type robots appeared.

These are digging stones like gems from underground ... ...

The stone glows, and Sonic & Tails are blown to the stage where you have seen something.

And then ZONE 1's "GREEN HILL ACT 1" started. This stage is also Zone 1 of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, so duck ducks who have memorized many who played.

The operation method is simple, if you press the four-way controller to the left and right, it moves

If you press the four-way controller down while moving,

If you press one of the ○ × □ buttons

As you move through the stage, collect the rings in the red frame OK.

Squat down by pushing the four-way controller down while stopped

When you leave the jump button pressed in the squatting state, Sonic starts to rotate on the ground ...

When you release the button, it will dash at once.

There are countless robots on the stage that are in the red frame ... ...

You can kill if you hit in a spinning or jumping state.

If you hit an enemy under normal conditions, the ring you collected will fall as follows. If you have even one ring, you will not kill instantly if you hit an enemy, so if you collect rings as much as possible and recover the ring as soon as you do damage, you should not get over the game.

Other monitors are placed on the stage and you can get various items by attacking this. Items vary from what gives a ring to what makes a character invincible, as well as what makes special actions possible, so it's good to try various stages while exploding.

Spring and ... on the stage ...

A checkpoint that can be resumed from the middle of the stage when making a mistake


Various gimmicks are hidden, such as the collapsing ground.

At the end of the stage the boss is waiting. ACT 1 is very similar to the first Sonic the Hedgehog's GREEN HILL, but the boss that comes out at the end was completely different.

Although it is hard to understand if it is a still picture, the real thrill of the Sonic series is that it is able to run around the stage surprisingly and speedily no matter what. Indeed, how quickly Sonic can run through the stage can be seen by looking at the following movie.

Sonic Mania's ZONE 1 "GREEN HILL ACT 1" blows up - YouTube

It is a huge ring that can be seen occasionally on the stage, omitted in the movie.

Touching this, Sonic from 2D will be 3D and it will start to blow.

This is a "special stage" hidden on the stage that makes it look like a special stage of "Sonic CD". When gathering the blue balls on the course, the gauge in the red frame at the top of the screen gathers up and the running speed of Sonic rises.

And if you get the jewel named Chaos Emerald running on stage, it will be clear. In this special stage, the ring decreases with the passage of time, so we need to collect the rings and get chaos emerald before time limit comes.

If you clear the stage like this, the score will be calculated from the time taken to clear and the number of rings collected.

And ACT 2 started as soon as it is. If ACT 2 is cleared, it becomes ZONE clear and moves to the next ZONE.

However, when the ring and the remainder are gone, the game is over.

Where the game is over for the first time, time attack and ... ...

The battle mode was unlocked.

When returning to the main menu, all menus were selectable as follows. I will try "Time Attack" to try.

In Time Attack, select one of the characters of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles ......

You can do a time attack on the stage you've cleared up to now.

In time attack, ACT 1 and ACT 2 are separated, so if you aim for the fastest with your favorite ZONE favorite ACT it is OK.

The following is a movie that touched ZONE 1's "GREEN HILL ACT 1" with Tails. Tails' specific action is "flying", you can fly the sky by pressing the jump button again while jumping. If you keep pressing the jump button, it will rise little by little, but the flight speed will be slower, and despite gradually decreasing the flight speed will be faster.

Tail on ZONE 1's "GREEN HILL ACT 1" Time Attack - YouTube

In addition, the following movie that we knocked out ZONE 1's "GREEN HILL ACT 2" with Knuckles. Knuckles' specific action is "gliding" which can be executed by pushing the jump button in the air, and "climbing up the cabin" which can cling to the cabbage. It is thanks to the inherent action "climbing up the cliff" that it stops at the moment when you land on the ground after gliding.

Time attacks on ZONE 1's "GREEN HILL ACT 2" at Knuckles - YouTube

"Fighting mode" which was unlocked at the same time as the time attack is a mode in which two people can compete which is fast by performing time attack. Actually playing the battle mode, the screen is split into two, you can blow the same stage at the same time.

"Sonic Mania" Fighting Mode Playing Videos - YouTube

It remains "Sonic Mania" is dot picture of the Mega Drive era, Incorporating the new elements, such as a new story and a battle mode, from the famous stage, such as GREEN HILL and CHEMICAL PLANT of nostalgia, just incorporating such as a new stage, such as MIRAGE SALOON and STUDIOPOLIS Sonic It is a must-see game content. On the stage who have played it is included new gimmick or root is plenty, that of a gimmick, such as the new stage I saw somewhere in the stage is packed, which stage also play the "old to new No doubt that it is wrapped in a strange sense. " Although there is no explanation of the operation method and rules of the old game and the effect of the item at all, since the operation method is very simple, it can be remembered immediately if it plays, "I do not understand somewhat, but I cleared the stage if it was blowing up" There are not a few things. However, it is not such a thing if asked if the game difficulty is also low because it is easy to operate method, and or accidentally killed instantly sandwiched between the walls Dari wandered into intricate terrain like a maze, the degree of difficulty than you think Increase. Also, once you do damage it will drop all the rings, so if you are going to aim for a high score, clearing with no mistake is essential, so many players will be swayed by Sonic running around the stage at high speed must.

2017/08/17, a review by the editorial staff who cleared all chaos emeralds by collecting them all by themselves by playing all past real 2D sonic in mega drive · mega CD · game gear in real time
Actually playing with Nintendo Switch last night (Sonic & Tails) and proceeding to ACT 2 of ZONE 4, it is clear that God is saying that it is said that God is playing. It's a tear-teared thing because it fulfilled that at that time "I should run around at this explosive speed and play!" The degree of difficulty is also high sensitivity because it is like "just like this". Or say, FLYING BATTERY of ZONE 3 is reproducing the gimmick that is the most irritable of those days! The state. Newly created ZONE 2 and ZONE 4 are "indeed likely" atmosphere, everything is done very well. Even if it is told that "It is actually an unused stage in past work", it seems to be believed. Since Tails is overwhelmingly smarter then it will be tremendously useful in boss fights. great. Listing the other points is like this.
· Arrow key "↓" + Spin dash to be activated by jump is properly Sonic 2 · 3 compliant, feeling like turning to explosion when turning to high treble
· There are some elements that can not be spun dashed even if it is a little diagonal.
· The flame barrier that appeared in Sonic 3 is alive, you can attack right by jumping again while jumping, but you jumped out the stage with the momentum as it is, the damage of the flame system is invalid instead. ZONE 3 meaning a big success.
· Thunder barrier which appeared also after Sonic 3 is also alive, jumping again by jumping while jumping & electric shock in diagonal four directions. Since it is influenced by magnetic force, it sticks to the ceiling when it is ZONE 3. It is fun to pull the ring without permission.
· Sonic 3-like special stage from the middle point (a guy converting blue balls into red balls) is activated with more than the specified number of rings. It was too challenging, but at that time it was such a feeling so it was no problem. Honestly, I feel like despair that I do not feel like clearing at all.
· Sonic CD-like special stage to discover and challenge special rings is the most realistic, so get 1 chaotic emerald for the time being by haste. Probably using the save function, the first person ZONE 1 ~ ZONE 4 with perfect, special ring discovery & chaotic emerald get the fastest route to the true end. Do you want to reproduce this thing or a demon?
· BGM is really cool and I want the original soundtrack.
· The boss game of ZONE 2 ACT 2 becomes "?!" Who thought of who?
· Overall difficulty level is absolutely unforgiving, but stress as action game is small.
· However, Sonic Mania of Nintendo Switch version screenshot shooting timing gets worse. & Even if you push the Home button, it will be ineffective so it may be somewhat bugged.

Please note that the game is sold only for the download version and the price is relatively inexpensive, 1944 yen including tax, so please be interested if you are interested.

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