I tried to see how the texture of "Honey Lemon Castella" in Fumeshido eating it frozen changes with freezing time

It can also be said as "frozen Castella" baked by blending lemon juice and honey under the premise of "freezing"Honey Lemon Castella"Has appeared from Bunmido. It is 3 hours, 5 hours, 7 hours, which means that the texture changes with the freezing time, so I actually tried to freeze it and see how Castella will change.

Honey Lemon Castella · Seaweed Salt Mikasan Seasonal Limited Sales | Bunmido Tokyo

This is a package of honey lemon castella. It is a design with a retro style, with the illustration of a slice of lemon cut all over the box.

In the column of raw material name, egg egg, sugar, flour, starch syrup, honey etc. Not only fragrance but also condensed lemon juice is used for elements of lemon.

In the box there was Castella that entered vinyl and instructions.

When opening it, Castella was cut to 5 pieces from the beginning.

So I will eat it at room temperature without first freezing.

When you see the movie, you can see how soft it is Castella.

Room temperature "Honey Lemon Castella" looks something like this - YouTube

When I tried it, the fabric is fluffy, but moist and mouthfeel that makes you feel "honey" strongly. The sweetness is somewhat stronger than usual Castella, the acidity is slightly to a certain extent, but the refreshing fragrance of lemon was felt firmly. It is an atmosphere that brought closer to some nostalgic "honey lemon-flavored juice and candy" rather than "real honey lemon" which actually topped the slices of lemon on honey.

According to the explanation, it is said that it will be "frosty soft soft texture" with frozen 3 hours, "fairly cool cold moist texture" for 5 hours frozen, "7 hours hard frozen" will be "cool to the hard, firm texture" So ...

I tried frozen in 3 patterns of 3 hours, 5 hours, 7 hours.

So I will try to eat frozen 3 hours.

Looks like this.

Looking closely and seeing it, there seems to be no change in particular.

You can see how hard it is with 3 hours freezing from the following movie.

When you frozen "Honey Lemon Castella" of Bunmido for 3 hours, it feels like this - YouTube

Although the elasticity when cutting was increased slightly compared with the normal temperature, it is not the atmosphere that is "frozen". Although it is in a somewhat rich state, there is also a texture of sponge dough that is fluffy, and it is within the range of normal recognition of "cold castella".

In addition, I will try to eat Castella frozen for 5 hours.

I tried frozen the "Honey Lemon Castella" of Bunmido for 5 hours - YouTube

As I tried to cut with a fork, the "sponge softness" which had been frozen for 3 hours had disappeared, and it seems that the fork slowly falls like a low-resilience cushion did. There is a nice taste that looks like when chilling honey, which is clearly different from touching "sponge biting".

I will try to eat those that have been frozen for another 7 hours.

You can see how much the texture changes as compared to the beginning when you watch the movie below.

I tried freezing seven hours of "Honey Lemon Castella" by Bunmido - YouTube

When frozen for 7 hours, I felt a solid response that was different from when I tried to cut off the sponge so that I had the impression "heavy ......" at the moment when I tried to cut with a fork. It is necessary to put a little effort, and when dividing the fabric and the fabric, it does not go smoothly.

I tried to eat, for a moment, "I think that elasticity itself does not change to that frozen for 5 hours?", But there are also unique tooth touch like when biting soft candy. Castella of 3 hours, 5 hours, 7 hours frozen is a coldness that feels comfortable when eaten on a hot day, it is a strange eating comfort that it gradually melts in a mouth while slowly stiff though initially it is hard, Sure it is perfect for a summer snack.

In addition, the explanation stated that "Castella may freeze too much if it is frozen for more than 8 hours", but even if the above seven hours frozen was put in the freezer for a further three hours, frozen bread As I did not become ticky like it, so it seems unnecessary to become nervous to time so far.

When frozen "Honey Lemon Castella" for 10 hours, it feels like this - YouTube

In honey lemon sponge cake excluding tax 625 yen, it has become a provision of up to 31 August.

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