"Rogue One / Star Wars Story" depicting the battle of the top secret team performing the deprivation mission of Death Star's design diagram Japan Special Trailer

Star Wars / Episode 8 (tentative title) "which will be the sequel in December 2018 will be released in December 2015 with the latest series" latest release "of about 12 years Star Wars to hold down. Star Wars' first spin-off work "Rogue One / Star Wars Story"Is scheduled to be released from Friday, December 16, 2016, a trailer specially made for Japan was released.

"Rogue One / Star Wars Story" is another story that draws until just before "Episode 4 / New Hope". In order to stop the imperial army's ultimate weapon Death Star, it is said that the rebel army team "Rogue One" robs the design book without losing his life, that Darth Vader returned to the screen again It is one of the places of interest to come.

"Rogue One / Star Wars Story" This preliminary notice version - YouTube

One Imperial shuttle to fly.

The Imperial Shuttle was chasing a girl. This girl is Jin Artho, the hero.

Soldiers of imperial army approaching.

It is the father of Jin that the imperial army chased.

A father who tells Jin that "I will protect it no matter what happens."

Jin answers in a blasphemy manner, "Yes Dad."

Imperial troops who took away Jin's father.

Jin is staring at his appearance from the grass.

From mother when I parted with my father was "handed down to believe the Force ... ..." ......

It is a crystal pendant.

Jin became an adult. What does Jin who clasped the crystal pendant think?

Rebels intercepted Imperial troops communications.

From the intercepted communication you will know that the rebel army is nearing completion of the ultimate soldier.

The ultimate weapon of the imperial army near completion is Death Star.

The Rebel Army has formed a secret team to find a way to destroy the Death Star somehow and forcibly dies Death Star's design books.

Jin is chosen as the main member of that top secret team.

Jin was chosen as a top secret team because the sender of the interception he intercepted was Jin's father. Jin's father was involved in the construction of Death Star.

Death Star which is near completion.

The imperial army targets ... ...

Press the launch button.

A green laser was fired from Death Star and hit the stars directly.

Allied troops attacked by Death Star.

And a dangerous task to get the design drawing begins.

Is Jin's father going into the Imperial Army to help with the construction of the Death Star, or the heart is in the alliance army, going to check the truth?

Did Jin 's father change?

Huge Death Star has enough power to destroy a star with a blow.

The rebel army who gives up as if there is no option other than surrender.

However, Jin shows a stance of not giving up "Do allied forces abandon hope?"

Allied team warriors who do not give up as well as Jin will gather at the top secret team.

Members who have a strong desire to destroy Death Star and help galaxies.

The probability that the mission will fail is 97.6%.

It is Rogue One who challenges this impossible task.

The battle of those who believe in the Force begins.

There is Darth Vader, the strongest Jedi in the Imperial Army.

The heart to believe in each other, the strongest weapon that the bond of fellows can compete with the imperial army.

What does the expression of Jin's father mean?

"Be sure to do it"

Rogue One is the last hope left by the rebel army.

Can Rogue One, who is the sole hope of the rebel army, carry out his duties without fail? The movie "Rogue One / Star Wars Story" is open to the world all the time from Friday 16th December 2016.

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