Members joining the deprivation strategy of the Death Star design book in the movie "Rogue One / Star Wars Story"

From 16th December 2016 the movie will be released simultaneously in the world "Rogue One / Star Wars Story"Has become a story that puts a spot on the top secret team" Rogue One "challenging the deprivation strategy of the Death Star design book. A special movie of Jin Artho and Cashian Ando of a gathering team "Rogue One" such as former criminals and former imperial troops, and a Japanese version character poster focusing on each of the six members are released, and the details of the characters are revealed It is getting.

◆ Jin Asso
The special image of Jin who is the heroine of this work can be confirmed from the following movie.

"Rogue One / Star Wars Story" Special Video Gin Hen - YouTube

Jin is an outlaw who has been apart from his family at an early age and has committed numerous crimes to survive. It is said that my father Geylen Asso is involved in the development of the Death Star of the Imperial Army, and Jin joins Rogue One to clarify its truth, and the Death Star strategy deprivation strategy I participated.

◆ Cashan Ando
Cassian special movie that acts together as a gin no netsuke can be confirmed from the following movie.

"Rogue One / Star Wars Story" Special Video Cassian Version - YouTube

Cassian is an information officer of the rebel army, is a person who is calmly deposited, strict and emphasis on strict observance of rules, people who are expected to stop Jin's runaway. The strongest weapon possessed by Cashian, which is realistic and has abundant practical experience is information, it is a character that can produce effective tactics in the battle.

◆ K-2SO
K-2 SO is an enforcer droid (originally a monitoring droid) originally developed by the Imperial Army. The data when I was engaged in the Imperial Army by Cashan was erased and reprogrammed for Rebel Army. Unlike C-3PO, I often talk about my own thoughts and real things, and to disturb humans. The personality is similar to Chewbacca.

◆ Chiarto Imwe
Chiarto is a martial artist master who has mastered stick surgery on a stern practice even though he is blind. It is a person who believes hardly the existence of the Force in the era when the Jedi were destroyed. PublishedTrailerSo, I showed the action to knock down the attacking stormtrooper with a stick.

◆ Bayes Marbus
Baise, the buddy of Chiarut, is a warrior who likes heavy equipment and is equipped with red armor and weapons. Unlike Chiarut is a realistic personality who believes in weapons rather than spiritual force like force. Bays is a thick man with friendship, and in particular, he is willing to give out his life to his partner, Chiarut.

◆ Bodie Look
Although it was engaged in the imperial army to make a living, the boy of the pilot who took doubts about the way of the imperial army and participated in the rebel army. The maneuvering technique is the top class among the rebel armies, and among them, it is a character which is piloting a cargo ship.

The movie "Rogue One / Star Wars Story" which draws until the movie "Episode 4 New Hope" will be released from December 16, 2016. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of activity Rogue One will show off about the design book of Death Star that the rebel army raised counterattacks.

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