Mr. Trump gets victorious, elected, elected President of the United States

A vote of the US presidential election was held on November 9, 2016, Republican Donald Trump got 270, which is a majority of the number of voters acquired, and decided to the 45th president of the United States.

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Mr. Clinton was leading after the vote ... ...

Mr. Trump reversed Texas, Kansas, Colorado and others.

For a while, Mr. Trump and Mr. Hillary · Clinton continued to defend against and retreat, but Mr. Trump won the Ohio state and the game situation changed completely. By around 13 o'clock when Ohio's vote came to an endThe New York TimesI expected Mr. Trump 's victory probability to be 95%.

Later, Hillary Clinton will win victory in California, but Mr. Trump will overturn Florida, which was said to hold the key to winning and strengthen the momentum.

Mr. Trump extended the number of electoral acquisitions as it was the momentum that kept the important state, decided to be the 45th president of the United States by winning a majority of 270 people around 16:33.

During the vote, the search by "immigrants" has increased rapidly.

In addition, a situation where Canadian immigration reception site goes down also occurred. Because it was influenced by the vote result of Mr. Trump 's superiority, there is a possibility that the user who thought about immigration to Canada accessed a lot.

The Canadian immigrant reception site is still down even though the article was created.

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Also, due to the influence of the vote status of the presidential election, stock prices and exchange rates have undergone major changes, and the Treasury Department, the Financial Services Agency and the BOJ executives are holding emergency meetings from 15 o'clock.

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