Headline news on November 9, 2016

Tomorrow I finally downsized Nintendo "Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer"Will be released from Nintendo, but from the end of November the business card case modeled NES controllerNintendo family computer control type business card case"Is announced to appear sequentially in game centers etc. throughout the country.

Take Navi | Nintendo Family Computer Controller Type Business Card Case:

"Nintendo Family Computer Controller Type Business Card Case" has two types of "I controller" type with START / SELECT button and "II controller" type with microphone, faithfully unevenness such as color, gloss and button It has become an irresistible item for fans of the former years, reproduced. The case is a convenient two-sided opening and closing type, and it is also possible to store business cards separately.

From late November, handling will be started at amusement facilities such as game centers throughout the country, and in many places it is predicted that it will appear sequentially from Wednesday, November 23, which is Labor Thanksgiving Day. You can search stores handled nationwide from the following page.

Take Navi | Nintendo Family Computer Controller Type Business Card Case Handling Store:

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

"AMD's 8 core CPU is actually 4 cores," a major CPU AMD will be filed a class action suit with a hype - GIGAZINE

IT knowledge test Japanese have marked the lowest average score "How much is your net" common sense "? - GIGAZINE

Bath mat "soil BATH MAT light" which does not need washing or care that absorbs moisture instantly - GIGAZINE

I encountered "Lost Baggage" at Chubu International Airport and I did it for 5 days until my baggage came back - GIGAZINE

The overwhelming meat meat eats a steaky hamburger steak "Randyburg" - GIGAZINE

"Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q" and "The Movie Version Appearing in the Gigantic Troops Tokyo" will be screened simultaneously - GIGAZINE

"Anime movie masterpiece best 50" video summary, 9 works such as Ghibli work ranked from Japan ranked in - GIGAZINE

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Space-related 2 law passed at the House of Councilors plenary session | NHK News

To promote the entry of private enterprises into space development, the two space-related laws such as the "Space Act Act" which pillars the recognition that private operators who meet certain criteria to launch satellites will also recognize It passed and was passed at the general meeting of the upper house of the House of Councilors on the 9th.

Is ejaculation good for your health? : YomiDr. / Yomi Doctor (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Although prolactin rises continuously before and after ejaculation, it is said to be related to the "refractory period" (so-called "wise time") immediately after ejaculation. Some people do not elevate prolactin after ejaculation, but that person is capable of ejaculation of fire.

Even in this experiment, people who did not rise in prolactin said that ejaculation could be fired. (There is also a paper that proved this)

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California accepts legalization of preference cannabis by referendum 1 photo International news: AFPBB News

Painful news (No ∀ `): 【Road collapse】 Construction site officials, sense of danger and evacuation → voluntarily using cars Traffic regulation → collapse in 5 minutes → zero victims - livedoor blog

Prime Minister of India "High bills invalid after 4 hours" Confusion is inevitable: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Indian Prime Minister Mohdi suddenly announced that he made a television address on the evening of the 8th, invalidating about 1 thousand rupees (about 1600 yen) and 500 rupees (about 800 yen) bills of high bills about four hours later. It aims to eradicate counterfeit banknotes, corruption, money washing etc. Although old bills are said to be able to withdraw with new banknotes after depositing in banks etc from 10th, confusion is unlikely to be avoided.

Mysterious investor group Opoisle soliciting binary option as wayway, terrestrial debut as atmosphere commercial law: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Column: What "President Hilary" asks for Japan = Mr. Hideo Kumano | Reuters

On the contrary, this paper presupposes that Clinton candidate will win as expected.

Guard against reviewing the alliance = Japanese government hurriedly building relationship with Mr. Trump - US presidential election: current affairs dot com

Mr. yen yen price drops to 103 yen per dollar after confirmation | NHK News

Trump Mr. victory Government Building Trust Relationships Ideas | NHK News

The Republican Party of the US Congressional Senate Against Majority Maintenance Twist | NHK News

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Meat is half price at chek chu ♡! Let's eat good meat (1129) on a good couple's day (November 22) Let's eat "Kamamura" in Kyoto's meat shop ___ │ PR

Evaluation on collapse of roads in front of Hakata Station, response to zero victims Just 5 minutes after autonomous traffic regulation

Pico Taro moisture with related videos: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Awarded the Honorary President Award of the National Confection Exposition Expo · What is the manufacturer of Crystal Tea Candy?

Endangered crane, recovering individual population with 'Narikiri' suit UK photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Prohibition on greeting in apartment "for crime prevention - Livedoor blog

Age to be married, both males and females revise the unification civil law to 18 years old Policy: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【Important Notice】 12/18 (Sunday) About the influence on train operation etc. accompanying the processing of unexploded ordnance in the Hamamatsu factory

We will stop the operation on a part of the Tokaido Shinkansen and the Tokaido Main Line between 8:30 am and 9:30 am on Sunday, December 18,
· In the above time zone, we will stop the operation on the upper and lower line between Tokaido Shinkansen Hamamatsu station and Toyohashi station.
· In conjunction with this, a delay will occur in the train that drives the section (there are no trains to be canceled).
· Temporary trains will be operated before the time of driving suspension.
· If the unexploded shell processing progresses as planned, the delay is expected to recover around 12:30.
· Protection measures against unexploded ordnance by the Ground Self Defense Force have already been implemented and there are no safety problems.
· In addition, based on the assumption of Hamamatsu City, we estimate about 1 hour until regulation in the relevant area is canceled, but we will notify you separately if there are changes in the future.

A train expected to be delayed

· Nozomi: From "Nozomi 11 (Tokyo departs from 7:30)" to "Nozomi 27 (Tokyo departure 11: 10)"
· HIKARI issue: "HIKari 461 (7:03 from Tokyo)" to "Hikari 469 (11:03 from Tokyo)" from
· Kodama number: "From Kodama 633 (6:56 from Tokyo)" to "Kodama 645 (9: 56 from Tokyo)"

· Nozomi: From "Nozomi 108 (Shin Osaka departing 7:30)" to "Nozomi 6 (Shin Osaka departure 9: 37)"
· Hikari No.: From "Hikari 508 (Shin Osaka departure 7: 17)" to "Hikari 462 (Shin Osaka departure 9: 40)"
· Kodama number: "Kodama 638 (7:43 from Shin Osaka)" to "Kodama 646 (Shin Osaka departs 9: 43)"
And "Kodama 634 (Nagoya departure from 8:00)" from Nagoya station first episode to "Kodama 644 (Nagoya departure 10: 29)"

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Continuing · Mock is ordered as though it is a real mobile phone (postscript 2016/11/9 13: 57) - Hodogaya Mock Center's blog

According to the person in charge, it was said that it is considered to be NG to include wording that is not related to the product name in the product title under the Amazon agreement.

However, because of experience in Yahoo auction, it was foreseeable that people who ordered without reading the explanatory note were able to predict, so somehow impossible, only adding [for exhibition] at the beginning of the product title I was allowed to specifically permit it.

However, this is still inadequate, so it was a situation that some people purchased mistakenly as a real mobile phone. Because of that, we requested amendment of the product title repeatedly for Amazon 's technical support, but it was not allowed at all.

Arrest history "No social significance" Delete google search results Order the Yokohama District Court branch - Sankei news

Artificial intelligence "East Robo-kun" abandoned Tokyo University | NHK News

Aiming to pass the University of Tokyo, the group of the National Institute of Informatics of the development team clarifies that "East Robo-kun" of artificial intelligence who has received the center test examinations every year, gives up the passing score of Tokyo University and changes course did.

PHP supporting Cygames and its speeding up efforts // Speaker Deck

Design and operation of back-end DB system for large-scale social games that accepts 1 million queries per second // Know-how // Speaker Deck

Effective setting and operation of Antivirus on Linux? | SIOS OSS | SIOS Technology

AMP supports form, amp-form implementation enables mail address registration, EC site color selection, etc. | Overseas SEO information blog

Use "Symbol Overrides" added in Sketch's version 41 to make state management of the UI design inexplicable - more

MySQL says that it is Column not found, but as long as you look at the log, that column does not appear anywhere in SQL - Togetter Summary

I wrote a tool called linenotcat - its palm grips its buttocks

I had an iOS application in the source code released by the US government and I tried building it by Shuichi Tsutsumi

The world of digital marketing spread by Web push notification

"The evolution of Apple was small for the shopping battle, the surface is the device that the user desires" ~ Microsoft Vice President press conference. Surface Studio launched in Japan - PC Watch

Advance sale notice | PETS

"PETS" (Pez) is a robot for programming learning which plugs blocks in various directions into the back and moves as instructed. On the sheet on which the squares are written, aim from the start to the goal, occasionally avoiding obstacles. Programming education attracting attention recently as a necessary skill for future type occupation. For children of digital native generation, it is obvious that programming is no longer a skill to master.
When listening to programming learning, hitting the code alone while watching the screen alone ....
Imagine such a thing?
PETS does not use personal computers or tablets, they touch the program, move it, and remember.
In order to run PETS, you need a block-shaped program.
Let's insert each block into the back of PETS and step into the world of programming!

Mapion season special feature "Illuminations Featuring 2016-2017" is released ~ About 300 locations of Illuminations nationwide ... | Maupon Corporation

Mapion Illumination Special Feature 2016-2017

Release of November 24 (Thursday) with 3 colors of 15.6-inch notebook "ES1-533-F14D" of Aspire series which made peace of mind as a standard | Press release of Nihon Acer Co., Ltd.

Encoding and delivery of UHD content - Cloud and Server Product Blog

Extension bar for bicycle (shock absorber · extender · handle bar extender · road bike · cross bike) 800-BYEXT 1 sale items Sanwa Direct

Pen type scanner dictionary: Sharp

That "Munch's Scream" makes 3D figure of the first painting work of figma "Table Museum" series on movable figure - Hatena news

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Robinson: The Journey - "An Adventure Like No Other" Launch Trailer | PS VR - YouTube

Robinson: Explore a new world in stunning VR - Home

Eagle Flight - Launch trailer - YouTube

Eagle Flight - Ubisoft Corporation

In one corner of this world: Yamazaki Mari · Sequere naturam: Mari Yamazaki's Blog

Regarding the 30th anniversary of "The Legend of Zelda". | Topics | Nintendo

Miyazaki Hayao reached the fire again! Pick up garbage as a catalyst for the latest work? ♢ Never-ending person Miyazaki Haya | NHK_PR | NHK Online

NHK Special of Broadcast November 13 (Sunday) delivers a documentary chasing Masayoshi Miyazaki, a master of the animation world for two years!

Miyazaki who announced his retirement from feature film production closely adheres to the production site of the short animation "boron caterpillar" that is now working on it. It is not hand-painted how familiar it is, but to challenge CG. Why is it challenging for a new short film at the age of 75? And what is the state of CG animation production ...?

Anxiety felt by young animators | P. A. WORKS Blog

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◆ J League ◆ Gran Pas too dark Warota w "I cut off the players with an e-mail not knowing who came from"

558: U - Nameless Mr. live comment · \ (^ o ^) / 2016/11/9 (Wednesday) 0: 31: 38.93 ID: Ckq 0 C + 3 dd
Nagoya Sled's smile laugh

11 U - Nameless Mr. live comment · \ (^ o ^) / 2016/11/8 (Tue) 21: 25: 50.29 ID: Q431Y3Ux0
Kume "In order to return to the team in a year and make a winning battle soon, you need to have the current players remain!"
Toyota "fumbling"
Bosco "Fight together so that you can go up to J1 next season!"
Toyota "fumbling"
Rikao "If I manage to do something ..."
Toyota "fumbling"
Ogawa: "It is okay to just leave players who really want to remain (Kiritsu
Toyota "fumbling"

Nagoya Grampus 2016 season slogan

People, people, people _
> Trust <
'__ ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^

Praise Yabaness of President Trump at professional baseball: What a stadium @ N J summary

◆ J League ◆ Grampas, Ninja's Bad Line Summary is too Severe and No Laugh

27: U - Nameless Mr. live comment · \ (^ o ^) / 2016/11/08 (Tue) 15: 06: 31.24 ID: 5 GlqwDnO 0
Grampus is awful
I saw this awful front for the first time

Talking about baseball in the past, Hillary has been driven down? : What's J Stadium @ N J Summary

Kamen Rider starring actor Beat being beaten at a golf club from quarrel / serious injury / entertainment / daily sports online

Actor Takayuki Tsubaki, who starred in the Kamen Rider series "Masked Rider Sword (Blade)", had an argument with a motorcycle driver in Nakano-ku, Tokyo, on 8th night, beat the face with a golf club, suffered serious injuries I understood that.

It is a new chubo! : The history of 22 years Act The last round on 24th December - Mainichi Newspapers

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
(PDF file)Popular mix spice "Crazy salt" and collaboration "Cheatos crazy chicken taste" Limited release from November 14!

Autumn taste "La France" Flavor appearance "Fanta drinking Tora French" will be released nationwide from November 21 (Monday)! : The Coca-Cola Company

Let's eat potato chips of mine!
Produced by popular pro wrestler "Makabe" Makabe Yoragi player "Potato chips Mont Blanc taste" Limited convenience stores are on sale from Monday, November 7, 2016! | Calbee Co., Ltd.

Rubber potato exquisite chicken and povza flavor | Product Search | Calbee Co., Ltd.

Rubber potato kushikatsu sauce flavor | Product search | Calbee Co., Ltd.

(PDF file)I want to eat at once "Matching the signboard menu of the third collaboration series with the inevitable popular renowned ramen shop" Tokyo style miso ramen · miso "Once you taste the restaurant you want to eat · Miso queue inevitable special miso Ramen new release Release on December 5, 2016

(PDF file)From the "thick cutting noodles" series that gave "eating response value" appeared no soup bargain noodles "sesame paste, pepper and rice oil served" thick rice "is often involved in thick thick noodles! Thick thick noodles Shibi spicy and rich thick soup no juice Buried noodles big emergence release Sale on November 21, 2016

Planning a good couple day! "Heart shaped! Is it? Happy Cheese is in it "" Cheese of raw cheese "Limited release from Tuesday, November 15 | 【Official】 Glico

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