Why did Google and Amazon withdraw the flag of the Confederacy as a problem ant one after another?

It was used during the Civil WarFlag of the South ConfederationHowever, after a phenomenon in which the number of sales explosively increased on Amazon's Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay on the auction site, a situation occurred in which products related to the South Confederation flag were withdrawn. In this background there is a certain incident that occurred on June 17, 2015.

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The Civil War, which lasted four years from 1861 to 1865, is a war between South America that insists on maintaining slavery and the Northern area, which insists on the abolition of slavery. The flag that the South Confederation aiming for continuation of slavery was the flag of the South Confederate, a secret society advocating America's supremacy of white "Koo · Klux · Clan(KKK) "may be used in rituals.

From this, from the fact that the southern United Nations flag is a symbol of race discrimination in the United States, Business Insider examined Amazon of the shopping site on June 23, 2015, the sales of the South Confederation flag It was an abnormal situation that it increased by 3000% or more within 24 hours.

So, why did the sales of the flag of the South Confedery explode? The reason for that occurred in Charleston, South Carolina, South America on June 17Gun shooting incidentIt is in In the same incident, a man suddenly got into Emmanuel · African · Methodist · Episcopal Church where African-Americans attended, shot a gun suddenly, a total of nine people including six African-American women and three men died .

The day after the incident occurred, police authorities arrested 21-year-old Dylan Roof, who lives near Charleston. According to the report, Roof suspects had racist feelings and published a sentence that spelled a desire to create a war named "Seed War" in the blog. In addition, it turned out that the photograph which wore the national flag of the South Confederacy which is a symbol of slavery system was published to blog and Facebook. The police authorities reported that the case had been arrested when the suspect was arrestedHate ClimbIt is concluded that it is.

And since the incident the number of sales of the South Confederation flag worn by Rouf was explosively increased at online shopping sites and auction sites such as Amazon and eBay. Each company that took this situation seriously announced the withdrawal of the related products of the South Confederate flag. In addition, Google also announced that it will withdraw the Nanbu Alliance flag related products from Google Shopping, a service that posts products according to search words, and each company has shown a strong opposition to racial discrimination.

In the Civil War, the northern region wishing to release the slaves won, but in the southern part of the United States it seems reality that racial discrimination remains deeply rooted. Only two months before Rohu 's gun shooting incident, at North Charlton next to CharlestonCase where a white policeman shot black man from behindJust happened. In the case of North Charlton, a criminal was discovered as a passerby was filming the situation at the time of shooting, attracting great attention not only in the United States but also around the world.

At the South Carolina State Capitol where the incident occurred, the flag of the South Confederation was still being displayed, and after the incident a demonstration to protest that many people gathered and toss off the flag. In addition, Republican major members have repeatedly expressed support for the move to seek the removal of the flag of the South Confederation, and Governor of South Carolina State Nicky Haley requested Congress to remove the flag. However,USA TODAYAccording to it, it is necessary to approve two-thirds or more in order to realize the removal, and it will take several months for removal.

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Following Google, Amazon, etc, also Apple withdrew the Civil War related games using the South Confederation flag from the App Store following the gun shooting incident in Charleston. There are many games related to the Civil War that are not maliciously using the South Confederation flag, so it was said that it was difficult to withdraw, but as a result it was to withdraw everything Pattern. However, by deleting the South Confederation flag from the application icons and screen shots displayed on the App Store,Can be sent againIt will become like it.

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