Google Maps and Google Map Maker integrate, users can edit maps on Google Maps in March 2017

A service that allows users to add roads, rivers, buildings, etc. to the map using a dedicated tool is "Google Map Maker"is. It is a completely different service from Google Maps, but maps created by Google Map Maker are sometimes reflected in the original Google map, so since it first appeared in 2008, it helps improve the service from various directions I have done it. It is clear that Google Map Maker will be integrated as one of the features of Google Maps, not as a single service in the future.

Google Map Maker graduates to Google Maps - Google Product Forum!topic/map-maker/UEN0wxhj6Rs

Google is shutting down the tool that Google anything edit Google Maps data - The Verge

Google Map Maker is a service that allows the latest land information to be reflected on the map from PCs and mobile terminals. The latest land information added by Google Map Maker is reflected in Google Maps after it has been thoroughly reviewed. With the advent of the service, many users are able to edit the information of the land that they know well, and it is also possible to see who edited the land and how they edited it.

Sometimes maps have been released that exploits Google Map Maker's features and droids on Google Maps Droid kills the Apple logo in the past.

Droid found on Google Maps that he was urinating the Apple logo - GIGAZINE

The Google Map Maker development team revealed that Google map maker features will be officially integrated into Google Maps by March 2017. As a result of the integration, the service of Google Map Maker, which was established as a separate service from Google Maps, will disappear. This update also makes it possible to edit maps on desktop and mobile versions of Google Maps.

Incidentally,Local guideIf you join the community, when you add Google Map Maker's map editing function to Google Maps, you will have access to features faster than the official release.

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