Addition of indoor map function which can see the inside of the building also on Google Maps PC version

On Google Maps for mobile, the indoor map function already installed in 2011 can now be seen on the PC version. This makes it possible to check to where the indoor place is on Google Maps when you go out before going out.

Google Maps - Google+ - The indoor floor plans that you've been using on Google ...

For example at Tokyo station ......

As you go up ... ....

So that the internal structure can be seen through.

You can also check the location of the stairs and the escalator.

Osaka station is also supported.

Some buildings around the station, although not all, have floor maps visible.

By the way, in the Android version, if the floor is divided into multiple floors, a floor number display appears on the right side of the screen, it is possible to see each floor, but in the PC version it seems that you can not move the floor yet.

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