Google Maps has been renewed dramatically and the Android version can be used offline


The press event held on June 6th local time announced the substantial renewal plan of Google Maps. With this addition of offline caching function, Google map for Android is available even when it is offline, and in the future it will be possible to use offline for all devices as well, and the set of street view photographic equipment is downsized It is said that it will be possible to take pictures on foot.

Google Lat Long: The never-ending quest for the perfect map

We pick up feedback from map makers and users and do thousands of edits per day. Google map started in 2005, it is now a matter of course that technology is being used, such as dragging the map to move the visible places or being smooth rendering, and what was the digital map before Google Maps I can not remember it.

Google map now supports anything from driving navigation and view inside the restaurant. And in the coming weeks we will renew further and offline caching will be added to Android version of Google Maps. By doing this, you can use Google Maps, even if you can not connect to the net by entering the underground shopping mall, for example, by caching the map in advance.

A photographic equipment set that succeeded in small packaging here. By doing this, you can shoot by walking even where you could not go by car or motorbikes.

Also, since 2006 we have added a 3D model of buildings at Google Earth, but in the future we will be able to see 3D models of all metropolitan areas even on the mobile version. By the end of the year we plan to cover metropolitan areas with a population of 300 million in total.

The image of this 3D model looks something like this.

New 3D imagery for Google Earth for mobile - YouTube

It looks like I'm watching the aerial images taken with a helicopter as it is, but it is Google Earth.

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