The era of startup which was also in the world's largest hamburger chain "McDonald"

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McDonald's, which now has stores throughout the world, offering hamburgers and potatoes, as well as localized menu in the local stream, also had a start-up time that was established soon after all, of course. summarizes how a small restaurant born by two McDonald's brothers could pull away the other company.

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McDonald's brothers, McDonald's birth parents, have been immigrants to California from Manchester, New Hampshire. Since I saw that my father had been easily dismissed from a company that I worked for 42 years, they said that they began to think about ways to control themselves without letting others take over their destiny . First, my older brother Maurice "Mac" moved to California, after which my younger brother Richard "Dick" followed his older brother and moved to California in 1926. The idea that the two who initially decided to start a business in Xintiand had originally drawn the movie business which was gaining popularity at the time and succeeded and it was said that it was to build a wealth by 50 years old .

Both of us decided to get a job of film production, but the jobs we got were all minor occupations and income was not very satisfying. Even among the same "movie related" businesses, the two who realized that they are unlikely to achieve the purpose will change the route from the film making side to the theater side by running the theater . They bought a movie theater in the area called "Glendora" about 30 km from Los Angeles and started screening of news movies and two-piece movies. And at this time, in order to prevent the audience bringing in food, setting a snack bar in the theater lobby was a characteristic event that formed the flow of brothers afterwards.

It was two people who entered the cinema business in this way, but it seems that the movie theater business that seemed to be doing well was actually in a situation where management is not easy and that he was always in a situation of cash flow. In 1937, after seven years from the acquisition of the movie theater, brothers McDonald 's sold the movie theater and decided to steer from the entertainment industry to the food business.

Brothers opened a food stand at the roadside of "Route 66 (National Highway 66)" which was once traversing the east and west of the United States. Nearby is called "America's most friendly airport"Foothill Flying Field(Foothill Aerodrome) is located, it was a place where movie stars often visit from the land pattern suitable for movie shooting. The brothers' shop was a great success fitting the needs of "moisturizing the thirst of the star and travelers" and was able to attract the parents who lived in New Hampshire to California.

Originally, it was said that the McDonald's brothers thought that all the menus were restaurants of the type called "Dimer" that offers "1 dime (10 cents: 36 yen · 1940's price)", but the recession Abandoned by influence. People of those days had less work due to the economic downturn, and the day of working out of work was reduced to less than 4 days. McDonald's brother who thought that people who had time to go out and got out of the car and as a result increased the number of eating out, moved to San Bernardino further to the west and opened the restaurant "McDonald's Barbeque". Following the example of the restaurant at the time, McDonald's Barbeque also had a large parking lot, a waitress woman called "Carhops" was going to take orders to the driver and operated the store in a style of delivering the items directly .

From the 1930s to the 1940s, the survivors of the confusion period of the war, the McDonald's brothers celebrated the era of the era in which the desire for 'fun' smoldering in the minds of people was released at once. Line type automobile manufacturing technology by Henry Ford has been put into practical use and by the end of the 1950s 40 million cars run in the United States. The road network is developed throughout the country due to the tax revenue gained from gasoline consumed by many cars, and the arrival of goods and human beings on a large scale is coming. And what is indispensable in such an era,gas station, Accommodation facility for car trip built at the side of the roadMotel, And satisfy the hunger of the travelerRestaurantIt is existence of.


These facilities are built one after the other in the United States, roads are drawn also in the California land where Orange fields once spread, and motels and restaurants are born one after another. A lot of customers come to the restaurant one after another, and it is required to offer products by efficiently checking out large orders. In order to cope with this situation, McDonald's brothers are real estate developers on the east coast of the United States that they created the concept of "suburban"William LevittI decided to introduce Mr.'s way of thinking to the hamburger production method. Mr. Levitt is a person who incorporated the large-scale production method developed by Ford into the construction of houses, by offering an inexpensive housing of 10,000 dollars (converted to 3.6 million yen) at that time, There is a person who has created a lifestyle of living in "suburbs" lining up.

First, the brothers McDonald 's hand was to analyze the sales situation of the store, to narrow down the menu provided from 25 to 9 greatly, to eliminate the costly and laborious menu . In addition, we introduced machines that automatically dispensed ketchup and mustard for the dish as much as necessary, machines that could make five shake drinks at a time, and improved the efficiency of the store.

In addition, McDonald's brothers will come up with measures to improve work efficiency one after another. Using the tennis court in the backyard of the house that lived then as a canvas, write down all the work flow at the store with chalk and consider improvement measures. From here, the McDonald's unique speedy product offer flow was invented, which grilled 40 beef patties in 110 seconds, manufactured 900 potatoes per hour and completed the product in 20 seconds from the order . By the way, the remedial measures we wrote on this tennis court have all disappeared due to rain, but what kind of brothers wrote the same thing again from 1 on the next day.

Brothers' remedial measures also included a reduction in the female "Carhops" that delivers products. Users of stores visit the store counter to notify orders directly to Carhops and notify sales clerks directly. While products are being made, customers will be able to show a well-ordered production system that looks like a counter, this is one of the strategies by McDonald's brothers. In the kitchen, a male staff who passed a sleeve in a uniform that was pissy-sized seems to have been working to judge the order and the order. It was said at the shop at that time that all the staff were arranged by men, but this is because McDonald's brothers thought that "female employees cause unnecessary problems".

In this way, McDonald's brothers, who succeeded in systematizing hamburgers, received a lot of attention and are flooded with requests that they want me to tell their secrets from the whole country. Meanwhile, the McDonald's brothers met McDonald's success player, Mr. Ray Clock, who is the name of the future generations. Mr. Clock, fascinated by the cooking system of McDonald's brothers, won the franchise right in 1954 after negotiations. In 1955 the first franchise store was opened and we decided to begin the first step of McDonald's success play thereafter.

These episodes are written in detail on Autobiography by Mr. Clock, so if you want to know more details it is also a good idea to get the following books.

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