How did "MacDonald" become the world's fastest food chain? Film "Founder Hamburger Empire's Secret" Trailer

A paper cup salesman learns the existence of a hamburger shop in independence, explosion operation to sell milkshake mixers, and eventually the world's biggest fast food chain "McDonald" in the legendary global franchise chain store business ... I made the flow of birth into a movie "Founder Hamburger Empire's secret(Original title: THE FOUNDER)The trailer video of 'The trailer is released.

THE FOUNDER - Official US Trailer - The Weinstein Company - YouTube

"I understand what you are trying to say, why just have passed the 52-year-old peak ..."

"Is it that a salesman of a mixer for milkshakes has built the world's largest fast food empire with over 1,600 shops across the country?"

"If you express it in a word, it is" to penetrate ""

The trailer that starts with the speech called "The person in Shitenno"Ray ClockIt depicts a story that builds the McDonald Empire that spreads to the world.

A woman who takes a phone. "Yes, Prince Castle Sales Division"

"Hey June" "I'm not a ray, how are you sold?" ... but ...

In front of customers a pre-payment

Just as "Chikusho!" And eight cars

"Well, is not it bad?"

Mr. June said "I could sell six mixers" and it came down to where I headed ......

McDonald 's that was still operating as a drive - in form then.

The store management style of McDonald's realized the speedy provision by adopting the factory style hamburger manufacturing method.

Ray is interested in the systemization of handmade mainstream hamburger making.

The person who made that system is McDonald's brothers of Maurice and Richard.

Manufacture of hamburgers is managed in increments of seconds.

"The time from customer's order to offering ... ..."

"It's only 30 seconds, not half an hour"

Ray takes away his eyes.

As Ray's wife says "It is revolutionary", this is the system that will be the key to McDonald's great breakthrough afterwards.

Ray listening to the illustration raised in the brother's office, "What is this?"

"Golden arch, this is how people see the eye"

Ray who took it entirely persuaded McDonald's brothers.

"Make McDonalds everywhere! That way is franchise!"

"McDonald's will be a new 'church' in America, because it opens on Sunday and gathers people, do you understand?

In this way, a store with a golden arch was born.

But the problem broke out. "What does it mean that funds are on the bottom?"

"You, you put this house in a mortgage ...?"

"I will lose it all"

Mr. McDonald's refused this, saying "I want to discuss about the contract!"

Ray which is knocked down to the bottom

There is new advice there. "The thing you need to do is to own a land that has a shop to make and sell hamburgers"

"You do not do business of hamburgers, do real estate business"

Ray established a real estate company

"This is another company now, we will not accept your order any more"

In this way McDonald's franchise will expand to the whole country

However, to be born with McDonald's brothers as well

"When you, when you can be satisfied ... Rei ... ..."

I will answer "I will not be satisfied."

Brother McDonald 's fiercely repulsed against Ray's words "I will not buy from you", brothers say "I have a contract!"

Ray said, "Contract is like a car, it is made to be destroyed," and will take a cold response.

"Business is a war, it is a fight whether to eat or be eaten"

"I want to advance to the future, I want to win"

"Drive out my brothers, I will do whatever it takes"

Ray will grow McDonald's into the world's largest chain store.

"McDonald's is a wonderful name."

To Rei who says, "This name is mine."

"No, it's not yours," McDonald's brothers.

A conversation that makes me feel disturbing "Is it true?"

McDonald's business card written as "Ray Clock founder"

As ambitious businessman, Michael Keaton who plays Ray Clock is "Batman" series and "Birdman" (or an unexpected miracle brought about by ignorance).

The movie "The Founder" will be released nationwide in the summer of 2016. At the time of article creation, disclosure in Japan is undecided.

In addition, Ray Kroc who is the founder of McDonald's leaves autobiography and is published in Japan as well.

Success is in the trash can Ray Clock autobiography - the world's best, the man who brought billionaires McDonald founder

I can understand that the following two Amazon comments are outstanding and the content of the book is well understood and the story of the movie will probably be like this. Success in the trash can Ray Clock autobiography - The world's best, the man who brought billionaires McDonald's foundation ... Review of the clouds' shooter's review

The story that McDonald 's known to the world was never a flat road.
The story of that hardship and pleasure will be known by reading this book.

First, Ray hands a lot of business, and is walking up the path of ups and downs.
Many events occurred not only in business but also in marriage.

His business has many experiences such as real estate, paper cup sales, multi mixer business, piano man. The part I am interested in is part-time job at the high school year, when I serve with enthusiasm, I learned that Ice Cream Sunday can also be sold to customers seeking coffee. Open the music store with the money you earn, but will immediately bring down the curtain.

His sales experience is very dynamic, and if you have the opportunity it's interesting to have a chance to eat everywhere. However, there are also many hardships, but with a "folding dining set" you win a match. In fact, I discover that my subordinates and secretaries who were parental were betrayed at this time.

Other difficulties such as troubles in franchise rights, betrayal in ownership of land, recapture of information by spies, and other strikes on rays are also vivid.

Well, there are various attempts at product development, research is very fun to fried potatoes. Before the development of refrigeration technology, it is surprising because variations due to cooking often vary depending on the climate of the land cooked.

Later, Phileo Fish has an anecdote. This product was developed with the problem of intake of meat by Catholicism.

There are plenty of other places of interest as well, and McDonald's can be read from this book, which is said to be a real estate business. Success in the trash can Ray Clock autobiography - The world's best, McDonald's founded a millionaires founder ... fox's review

1. While I work on a multimixer
I was paying attention so as not to miss the next opportunity.
"You can grow while immature, as soon as you mature, corruption begins"
This is my motto.

2. I was the most impressed among McDonald's
It is how to fry fried potatoes. McDonald's brothers also said that one of the reasons for the success of the project was definitely French fries. An ordinary person thinks that there is a flawless existence and does not have interests in french fries. However, the two of them were passionate overflowing to French fries.

3. On the day I signed a contract with McDonald 's in 1954, I was 52 years old.
He overworked the body to business, suffered from diabetes and arthritis, lost all of the gallbladder and most of the thyroid gland. However, I did not doubt that I believed that the best business in disability awaits me. I was immature, in the middle of growth, I was walking my life with the feeling of flying in the sky.

4. Since I was a child, I tried whatever I had a job.
"There is a saying that it will be useless if you do not play only with work, but I do not agree with this. Because for me work was like play. I was getting the same pleasure from my work as I did getting baseball.

5. In the past, when my subordinates betrayed me wanting to join McDonald 's, I did not listen to any wish at all. Good managers dislike misconduct. You can tolerate mistakes that your subordinates work with sincerely but also commit themselves at times. However, you should treat with fraud on your fault.

6. I always felt agreement with sincere feelings. Even when the other person is trying to trick me. That is why I had to keep running along this road without having to shake my eyes. Property ran several times in the bottom, and there was also a thing that was overwhelmed by a twisted thought. However, I had the brightness of having my birth, and I could not have been a cynical forever.

7. I realized that it is unproductive that the company owns more than 30% of the stores. McDonald's slogan is "business alone will not succeed", which is one of the secrets of our success. It is obvious if you look at Filloffish, Big Mac, Hot Apple Pie etc. These were born from the franchise owner's idea. The company profits from the invention of one owner and receives support from our advertisement and corporate image. This is my ideal capitalism.

8. I have no hesitation in spending on advertising. My earnings come from other ways. The best thing is to return as a smiling face of a satisfied customer. This value is very large.
That customer will definitely become a repeater, and when you come back you will bring a friend.

9. "If you want to know all of the competitors you can check in the trash box, everything you want to find is rolling" I will raise a trash can of competitors at 2 o'clock, how many boxes of meat are consumed the day before, how much bread is consumed I examined whether I did it once or not. I fight fairly with my competitors. Training strengths, focusing on quality, service, cleanliness, and added value, competitors will disappear without being able to comment on us.

10. I was angry with Kankan as a person in charge told me that building the store was waiting for the regional economy to become vital. "Fool, you should stand up when the economy is bad! Why should I wait for the economy to turn up? If you do that, you will have to pay much more than now. As soon as the land deserves to buy Build a building in a building before the rival.The town will remember McDonald's if you pour money and lively. "

11. The individual success story at McDonald 's is by no means education. It is a belief.
"Completion" There is nothing worth more than continuation in this world.
"Talent is different" Even if there is a talent there are a lot of people who fail.
"Genius is also different" A genius who is disadvantaged has plenty to say as a proverb.
"Education is also different" The world is full of educated and fallen people.
Only belief and continuation are omnipotent.

12. If you feel like doing a better service for your store
It would be normal to investigate finely such as whether there is underground layout or side access. If you go to your work with such a posture, you will not be beaten by life.

13. Fred Turner mentioned at the memorial ceremony of Ray Clock.
Ray taught me.
"He taught us to be diligent, devour, believe in yourselves, strive diligently, to value self-esteem."
Ray showed up.
"A model that is generous, has consideration to others, is fair, keeps harmony, and motivates people."
We were impressed with his entrepreneurial spirit, competitive edge, and grace. We sincerely love his honest and honest personality and compassionate heart.

14. Be daring (with courage), Be first (before anyone), Be differnt (doing different things)

2017/05/01 Addendum
A Japanese subtitle version trailer has been released.

Movie "Founder Hamburger Empire's secret" notice - YouTube

In Japan, it is going to be released on Saturday, July 29, 2017.

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