McDonald's using AI to optimize drive-through menu for each buyer


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McDonald's announced that it acquired its machine learning startup ' Dynamic Yield ' for $ 300 million (approximately 33 billion yen). The online shopping site will display 'recommendations' and 'popular products' that are optimized for individuals, but similar functions are expected to be implemented in the drive-through menu.

Dynamic Yield to Join the McDonald's Family — Dynamic Yield

McDonald's to Acquire Dynamic Yield, Will Use Decision Technology to Increase Personalization and Improve Customer Experience html

McDonald's Acquires Machine-Learning Startup Dynamic Yield for $ 300 Million | WIRED

McDonald's to Personalize Drive Thru Menus Using AI

Dynamic Yield is a Tel Aviv-based startup in Israel that provides personalization and decision-making technology. McDonald's plans to include Dynamic Yield's technology in a menu that displays drive-through, allowing for various factors such as order times, weather, crowded shops, and popular menus. It will be possible to show the optimized menu to the purchaser of. The algorithm also deals with information such as past sales data of each store and events held nearby, and the same recommendation function as 'A person who bought this product also bought such a product' displayed on Amazon It is also possible to implement.

This is the actual display. 'Popular menu at this store' or ...

Suggestions for additional menu are displayed.

McDonald's drive-through as of March 2019 is very static. The display displayed to the drive-through users shows several banners and campaign items, but it changes almost throughout the day except switching by time zones such as 'morning mac and other menus' It is not. Mr. Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald's for WIRED's coverage, 'We have not yet made use of technology to put together various elements into one' 'Mass marketing to mass persona We need to free ecosystem data in a way that is useful to our customers in order to move to a ization. '

As McDonald's has already accumulated a huge amount of data, by incorporating machine learning, 'to order two happy sets at 5 o'clock means that parents are preparing meals for their children. Judgment should be taken that you should display coffee and snacks for parents. In addition, when drive-through is busy, displaying a 'ready to receive menu' can also help improve speed.

As of 2018, McDonald's has tested the above drive-through function at some stores in the United States, and in response to this result, in 2019, it has decided to implement the function in drive-throughs across the United States. After that, we plan to develop new drive-through functions worldwide. It is also planned to be implemented in stores that have self-ordering kiosks and in mobile apps.

According to Easter Brooks, 'To be able to provide convenience according to each customer's situation, technology is an important factor for our growth plan.' 'With this acquisition, we together with future technology And we can increase the possibilities of data utilization and accelerate the speed of making the vision of creating a more personalized experience for our customers a reality. '

Also, seven years ago, when Dynamic Yield's CEO Ryad Agmon started “Dynamic Yield, we had the premise that“ customer-centred brands must be based on personal optimization. ”Like McDonald's I'm happy to work with the world's iconic brand, and I'm excited to bring innovation to ways that will have a significant impact on people's daily lives. '

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