Why was it said that "Breakfast is the most important meal in a day"?

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Breakfast is a topic often talked about in relation to health, as it is said that "breakfast is bad for the body" or a controversy about "what to eat for breakfast" occurs. Although it is rarely said that "it is good for the body to eat ○ ○ for lunch," why only breakfast has established itself as "the most important meal in a day", the data analysis sitePriceonomicsI am close to the secret.

How Breakfast Became a Thing

The importance of breakfast was taken up largely, the campaign of a company selling cereals that was held in 1944 began. In a campaign named "Eat a Good Breakfast - Do a Better Job" (a good break for a good job) "on a radio," Nutrition experts say that breakfast is the most important of all meals a day It says that "advertisement is flowing," and a pamphlet for promotion that says the importance of breakfast was distributed to grocery stores.

However, in the middle of 1800 before the cereal was born, there was no recognition that "breakfast is different from other meals" for the people of the upper and middle classes, steaks and oysters and boiled chicken that can be eaten for lunch and dinner It was said that it was taken.

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In the first place, ancient Romans think that one meal a day is the key to health, and Native Americans do not eat a set of meals and consume foods little by little throughout the day, and dietary ways vary depending on culture .

For example, in medieval Europe, breakfast was only for the upper class, and working-class people rarely took breakfast. American settlers took meals but it is said that this was because they had to work hours in the morning.

One of the reasons why breakfast became everyday is that workers flowed into cities and labor became managed by schedule. In the 1600's, people came to work all day, breakfast, the first meal of the day, became very important, and the custom of "breakfast" was born.

Western style breakfast is said to be bread · cheese · egg ... but as the Americans loved steaks, potatoes, cakes, etc. in the 19th century America, the menu like eating for dinner as breakfast is preferred It is thought that. However, as a result of ingesting steaks and cakes as breakfasts, many people suffered from chronic indigestion. And breakfast problems started to be picked up in magazines etc, so we requested a simpler and lighter breakfast, and "Serial" was born.


At present it is a cereal cited as a health problem, such as "taking too much sugar" is treated as health food at the beginning of birth. Doctor of medicine who is older brother of Will Keith Kellogg, the first president of Kellogg Company who invented cerealsJohn Harvey KelloggBelieved that taking too much meat and spice had a negative effect on the human body and I believed that changing the diet can improve the health of the Americans. Also, with the idea that whole bread is more healthy than white bread, it improved the cereal "granula (granula)" developed in 1863 and produced "cornflakes" in the 1890s.

Currently it is a cornflake that plenty of sugar is used, but at the beginning it was not sweet, it was hard enough to be described as "wheat stone", so it was a style to soak in milk so that it is easier to eat. Although the taste was not pursued cornflakes, it was a big hit in the United States, and by 1903 it is the place of establishment of KelloggBattle CreekIt is said that more than 100 serial companies were made in. For people who were forced by the time of the industrial society, there was no need for cooking, and the cereal that could easily solve the problem of breakfast health was what exactly was sought.

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For Kellogg doctor at that time the American meal was "abnormal", I thought that eating biologically simple things is the key to health. Kellogg, who supported the theory that "masturbation and sex is" shameful "and that human beings are unconsciously stimulated of libido by unconsciously taking out meat or spice", according to eating habits He seemed to think that he could control not only health but also human libido. Dr. Kellogg was a devout Christian, so he said that he had made a serial recipe saying "I do not mind destroying business".

Kellogg founded a cornflake company with his brother Will Kellogg, but contrary to Kellogg who is committed to the point of "natural food", Will said, "To improve the taste, you should add sugar," Thinking, the two are out of the ordinary. Independent Will will establish a company that will be the roots of the current Kellogg Company. Will will be sued by Kellogg later as "stolen the recipe", but led the business to success with the power of sugar and advertising.

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Also, in terms of using an animated mascot character to appeal to children, the serial industry is a pioneer. As a "health food" to solve the "vitamin deficiency" which was troubled in 1920,Tony the TigerIn advertisements using characters like, the serial has established a position of immovable.

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However, there are many foods that currently have an animated mascot character. So why is today breakfast only attracting attention as an "important meal" or causing a battle? There is a reason there is "breakfast" as a business very attractive.

People tend to routineize breakfast, unlike dinner / lunch, which changes menus every time, and it is said that it is often that brand chooses the choice as breakfast. There are also people who handmade breakfast everyday, but what many people are looking for in the morning without time is "easy package items". Kelogg's cereal as a package product improved and got a patent, but failed to protect the technology, it could not be a monopoly company. Since similar items are overflowing, sales of serial companies are influenced by advertisements.

In other words, by focusing on advertisements, you can grasp the hearts of children and Tony the Tiger's "Corn FrostyAs you can see from continuing to be chosen, continuous customers can hope.

Furthermore, for companies, although sales at lunchtime and dinner in the last few years are flat, only breakfast has risen to the right, so that fast-food chains, including McDonald's and Taco Bell, put the emphasis on the breakfast menu It is. Breakfast has become a major settlement for companies, for example, "Once you routine, you can expect a continuous customer" or "Advertising has a great power without a monopoly company." It all started out in the catch phrase "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" all launched in 1944.

Currently, the act of pulling out breakfast is becoming a topic or problematic. However, in the world that "importance of breakfast" spread by advertisement of enterprises, and that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day", "there are many people who skip breakfast" Also, it seems necessary for users who choose breakfast to keep firmly in mind that being one of the big business targets.

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