Why did "bacon", which became ice or perfume, caused a boom?

ByLen Matthews

Besides not only appearing in breakfast, but also desserts and vodka combined with every kind of food, the unusual popular food that appeared to perfume was "bacon"is. This popularity in the United States is particularly prominent, but the popularity of bacon is not long ago, and unpopular foods with inventory remaining are remaining to huge markets that generate annual $ 4 billion (about 430 billion yen) in the past 10 years There is a history that it has achieved rapid growth.

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It is bacon that has penetrated the eating out chains for now, but for a long time its sales were in the form of 80% of retail shops and 20% of restaurants. The sales of bacon, which was mainly consumed by households, saw throughout the year, bacon · lettuce · tomato was sandwichedBLT sandwichIt peaks in the summer where it is made, and in the beginning of October it was an average year that the tomatoes disappeared from the market as soon as the tomato disappeared.

Everything changed when I was in the 1980s. The media communicates the fear of fat and cholesterol, the families that used to use butter soon begin to use margarine, and carbonated drinks are avoided. In the era when "Fat Free" was popular, sales of bacon, two-thirds of which are made of fat, fell by 35 to 40%. Therefore, the pork industry losing in the poultry industry which sells breast meat without "leather without bone" sells pork as the same "white meat" as healthy breast meat as a means of resuscitationPork: The Other White Meat(Another white meat) "campaign will be launched.

This is the commercial of "Pork. The Other White Meat" campaign which was broadcasted in 1987. It is pork appealed as "white meat"United States Department of AgricultureAccording to porkIt does not hit white meat,apparently.

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This campaign was effective, while the white part of the pork grew in sales as a low-fat food, while the sales of the lean parts that were not white remained on the other hand. Frozen pork belly was piled up in the warehouse and the price fell to 1 pound 19 cents (about 20 yen at 450 g). Naturally, bacon made from pig roses is also affected. As the government encouraged the stakeholders "to export pork loose meat cheaply to the former Soviet Union or to sell it as a food aid to Africa", the pig roses had been in a state of heavy demand without demand.

At the end of 1990, farmers suffering from sluggish sales of pig roses will increase the voice that "Do something about this situation". Representatives of the National Pork Council focused on "white meat" which still produces a small amount of sales even then, but with the remarks of several representatives gradually the bacon's new way of life will be visible . Until then bacon was often eaten at home, only marketing from the retail store side was done, but people who put on the food service industry suggested placing bacon in the restaurant as "fragrance" is.

Also at shops selling hamburgers and sandwiches, hamburgers using low-fat meat were on sale at that time, but 91% fat-free McLean released by McDonald's ended in failure. Hamburger using low-fat meat was as rustling as if you were eating corrugated paper, there was no flavor. Representatives of the council thought that not only does it add flavor to hamburgers but also flavors and improve the mouthfeel, but because of the low cost the seller can produce a profit.

It was not McDonald's that I first tried to add bacon to a hamburgerHardee's. The fate of Bacon was decided in 1992, "Frisco Burger" was used for the first time in fast food with bacon. Frisco Burger sells because of its deliciousness and has great success regardless of the "health aspect" that people had been concerned with at all.

However, just because the hamburger using bacon at Hardee's was successful did not mean that other chains were mainstreaming burger with bacon instantly. Burger King and other chain stores gradually use bacon throughout the 1990s, but in any case it was limited. Bacon produces smoke when cooked, and it is a big reason that bacon use was hesitant to be bothered that greasy grease is hard to handle. The restaurant wanted to introduce bacon in a way that daily cleaning would not be serious.

In response to this, the National Pork Association will start the research on "How to keep cleanliness easily even using bacon in fast food chains". And, as a result of trial and error on how the food laboratories, research institutes of universities, corporate development department, etc. "Bakon which can be cooked in a microwave oven can be cooked" should be made, as a result of eating out chains such as McDonald's Easy bacon was born now that you want it.

At the same time, the National Pork Association will start lobbying at the restaurant to develop a menu using bacon. We also developed hamburgers burger king with bacon, fried pork patty like a nugget. The money spent on activities at this time was relatively small from the market as a few hundred thousand dollars (about tens of millions of yen), but the effect was greater than expected. McDonald 's who had been selling McLean once showed a positive attitude when using bacon as a menu, and started using 2 bacon and 3 bacon for one hamburger. And around 2000, bacon became the third seasoning following salt and pepper. Currently two-thirds of American restaurants, at least one dish is offering bacon-based dishes.

When the use of bacon is routinized in the eating out chain such as Burger King and McDonald 's, sales of pig roses, which had been sluggish until now, began to grow sharply. If we can raise the demand for food by 0.1%, we can raise the price of itself. At one point it was bacon, which was about 20 yen at 450 grams, but in 2006 the price rose to about 110 yen at 450 grams. Pork which could only be offered as "another white meat" gets a new catch copy by bacon. That's what "Bacon Makes It Better" will be delicious in bacon.

This trend is still expanding even now. In the hamburger chain, burger using bacon was sold one after another,Mario BataliMr. and Mr. David Chan attracted the attention of the media by proposing a dish focusing on pig roses. Some cooks have used bacon even to jams and cookies. In the Burger King, 15 additional bacon was added at 100 yen,1050 baconSome people ordered hamburgers using. It was not sold in Japan, but ice cream using bacon was also sold.

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Also on the Internet, "I Love Bacon" T-shirt and Bacon Bandage, bacon goodies have appeared. The number of playbacks of "All Bacon Burger" movies that used bacon so that the hamburger body can not be seen in bacon exceeds 2 million times.

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Bacon thus gained its current position. In 2010, in just 4 months the price rose to about 150 yen per 450 grams, and bacon is now sold at about 590 yen per 450 grams. Although the value is still rising, the problem in the "health aspect" that became a trend in the 1980s soon becomes to be screamed again or the price goes up again, so if the bacon boom shows calm It is thought. However, Joe Leather of the National Pork Council said that it would not disappear from the market due to its ease of use and taste.

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