Sausages of the same length and thickness in hot dogs are mass produced like this

The birthplace is Germany, but now 60 hot dogs are consumed per capita per year in the USA, "National foodIt is said to be said. So how about sausages that are sandwiched between hot dogs are made? So, American sausage makerJohn MorrellA movie detailing what kind of process a sausage is delivered to consumers is available on YouTube.

How It's Made - Hot Dogs - YouTube

Although the origin of hot dogs is Germany, it is a fast food that has been loved for many years since I came to America in the 1860s.

So I will explain how the sausage that is sandwiched by this hot dog is made.

German sausages are often made from pork, but in America it is mainstream to blend several kinds of meat. Pork and ...


And chicken meat.

First of all, I drilled pork and beef off the iron plate.

I use something like a rake and drop it in the hole.

Then the meat came out from under as it was extruded.

It will be minced in the same way as minced meat used in hamburger steak.


Next is chicken meat.

Mix chicken with some ingredients such as starch, salt and flavor.


Mix each finished meat with a machine while adding water.

The addition of water mixes the ingredients well and creates a juicy sausage.

Mixed meat is pushed through the inside of the cylinder.

Next we will fill meat in the tube. The work was done at high speed, and a sausage tube for two weeks of soccer field was completed in 35 seconds.

The tube is sucked into the machine again.

It seems that sausage is hooked to the bar on the other side.

Liquid is applied like a shower so that a smoked flavor appears.

It is heated.

Then sausages that are bathed in cold salt water.

The sausages on the bar again came down.

If you do, it will be raised.

And to the conveyor.

Like the tubular shape, I will pass through the machine.

There is a small cutlery in this machine, it is possible to remove the case wrapping the sausage.

I will remove the case of 700 sausages in one minute.

It seems that the familiar figure falls from the machine to Dobadoba.

The sausages arranged in order.

It is gathered in five pieces ... ....


Cut the bag and you are done.

By putting sausages delivered in this way in bread, consumers were able to eat delicious hot dogs.

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