Movie that followed politely how to make a vacuum tube

Even now if you are an elaborate person in audioVacuum tubeAlthough you may be using, if you live in general, you will never encounter first. A movie that has carefully followed the procedure as to how such a vacuum tube is being made now is released.

How It's Made - vacuum tubes - YouTube

This is a vacuum tube

Because the interior of the container is in a vacuum, it is called a "vacuum tube", but there are cases where it is set to very low pressure.

Vacuum tubes of various sizes

I show you how to make it step by step.

Firstly from the parts making before combination.

It was not such a level as Sunday craft.

Juice tight weld

Here is the end

Subsequently, processing the glass

Shaped at once in flames

We are working on yet another glass part

It is a fairly small part

I covered it with glass ......

Just shut it ... ....

A lot

Line up and vacuum inside the tube. This is completed as a "vacuum tube".

It looks like a beautiful craft

Various shapes

These are boxed and sent to the person who needs it.

It is said that vacuum tubes have already been manufactured in Japan and the United States, and now they are mainly manufactured in China and Eastern Europe countries, this picture seems to have been taken in the Czech Republic.

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