What is the winner of the Butter VS margarine war?

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Margarine was born as an alternative to expensive butter, "Trans fatty acid"Since it contains the McDonald's in the American restaurant service industry, it is a kind of margarineshorteningIs prohibited for use. Margarine is also said to be "safe if it is a small amount", "safe because it is a vegetable fat" in terms of health, but the biggest maker of margarine "Unilever"Is the company's product"RamaWe will add butter and sell it.

I Can not Believe It's Butter in My Unilever Rama Spread - Bloomberg

Chairman of UnileverPaul PolmanHe had been struggling for a margarine business of 4.8 billion dollars (about 500 billion yen) for several years, but in September 2013 he started selling it with butter added to Rama in Germany. At the Investor Conference held on December 5, 2013, Mr. Affrique said, "I have considered butter as an enemy for many years, but the fight has ended."

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Unilever has reduced the trans fatty acid of margarine step by step, added omega-3 fatty acid, due to the reduction of cholesterolPlant sterolsWe aim to improve such as adding margarine as a healthy food, in 2009 "The merit of margarineIn the campaign, I was appealing people to limit the intake of butter.

But,IRIAccording to the survey, there is data that Germany has sold three butter for one margarine in 2013,US government data (excel file), As consumer per person continues to rise, consumption of margarine has set the lowest record in the past 70 years, As a result, Unilever has greatly changed the positioning of butter.

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Professor Marion Nestle of the University of New York said, "Margarine is a cheap, a landmark for artificial and unhealthy foods." By the way,BMJ's "Saturated fat and heart disease"Trans fatty acids contained in margarine increase the risk of heart disease, but the saturated fat contained in butter has published the findings that there is no direct causal relationship to the onset of heart disease .

In Japan, various margarines with butter have already been sold as follows.

Meiji Kohn soft butter included 300 g | Product Information | Meiji Corporation

Koiwai Dairy Co., Ltd. | Product Information | Koiwai Margarine

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