It is obsolete to say that low-fat foods are good for health

ByJoe 13

In the United States, the connection between diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other illnesses and dietary life became evident scientifically, and as a guideline for prevention of diseaseDietary guidelines for AmericansThe guideline that was announced in 1980. Although it is strictly limited by this guideline is "fat" intake, as of 2016 fat is an enemy of health is a misunderstanding, a voice rethinking restrictions on fat intake is coming out.

Why Is the Federal Government Afraid of Fat? - The New York Times

It was announced in 1980Dietary guidelines for Americans, It was supposed that intake of fat should be suppressed to 30% or less of the total calories. Dietary guidelines have a major impact on the food industry, low-fat foods with low fat content such as low-fat milk and low-fat dressing appeared. Low fat foods become popular in the moment between Americans who are concerned about health and SnackWells released as fat zero cookie will exceed the sales of Oreo that was the No. 1 spot in the cookie market for many years It was as it was.

Carbohydrates (carbohydrates) are recommended to eat instead of fat with dietary guidelines. The Ministry of Agriculture, as a guide to take a balanced diet, indicated in 1992Food guide pyramid, Staple foods rich in carbohydrates such as bread, cereal, rice, pasta have a role like the foundation to support the meal, and it is recommended to eat 6 to 11 cups a day. With the advent of dietary guidelines and food guide pyramids, the diet of Americans changes to low-fat and high-carbohydrate ones.

ByKelly Garbato

However, many research findings as if to deny the idea that "low-fat foods are good for health" appear by the year 2000. In particular, the experimental result that "limiting the intake of fat to less than 30% of the total calories" as determined by the dietary guidelines has scientific basis and there is a possibility of harming health as well . Following numerous studies, the American Institute of Medicine announced a new "Dietary Guidelines for Americans" in 2005. In the new dietary guidelines, it is decided that the intake of fat should be increased to 35% at the maximum, and the limit of 20% or less should be avoided.

The change in fat intake limit from "30% or less" to "20% or more and 35% or less" is a very big change, but according to The New York Times the new dietary guidelines are low awareness, low The idea that fat is regarded as good for health is still going on. "Many processed foods are still listed as" Fat less than 30% "as packages, or the Food and Drug Administration decides nutrition function display based on the fat content based on the content of" fat "as marketing tool It seems to be used. The US Food and Drug Administration has officially given warnings to companies that do marketing that extrude "low fat" of old eating habits guidelines decided with misrecognition.

ByMike Mozart

As companies have pushed low-fat foods, most of the people are still thinking about fat as the old dietary guidelines, and still eating habits that minimize fat is regarded as healthy. Recent studies and surveys have revealed that low-fat diet has nothing to do with suppressing the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, furthermore to fat that can be taken from nuts and olive oil, The effect of lowering the risk of developing diseases, diabetes etc. was recognized. Besides that, it seems that many studies showing that low fat is not necessarily good for health are reported.

However, this does not mean that a high-fat diet is healthy and low-fat diet is bad for health. Rather than focusing on how much fat your food contains, it is better for you to be healthy to take proper diet such as staple food, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat etc.

According to The New York Times, many scientists are appealing to introduce the upper limits on fat intake into the next "dietary guidelines", and healthy diet restricting fat is obsolete We insist.

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