"DropSecure" which can securely encrypt and transmit files of up to 2 GB even with free & "knowledge zero"

In the "file transfer service" used to pass large files to someone, we adopted a mechanism to encrypt the file at the sender's stage to start uploading in order to realize further high security Of "DropSecure"is. Since the use of the service is basically free and there is no account registration, I actually tried using the file transfer service which adopted a new mechanism.

DropSecure: Zero knowledge file transfer

DropSecure is a file transfer service that allows files to be uploaded to the server and sent to the other party, which means that the ingenuity for securely delivering the files without being seen by others is incorporated. When uploading a file to the server, it is uploaded with the file encrypted on the user side, not on the server side. DropSecure uses this mechanism as "Real-Time Encryption(Real-time encryption) "and that he calls.

No password for decompression is necessary when using. It is possible to send up to 10 files · 2 GB of files to up to 10 parties, the file will be automatically deleted from the server after 7 days. When the other party downloads the file, you can confirm with the notification, and a notification with the download link written by mail or SMS is sent to the other party. In addition, premium service which added more functions will be deployed in the future.

So I actually tried to send the file. First select the file to upload and enter the other's email address. Enter the mail address you are using as the sender's address, fill in the message to the other party and click "ENCRYPT & SEND" to start encrypting and sending the file.

This progress screen will be displayed during transmission.

Looking at the CPU utilization graph during encryption & transmission, you can see that the peaks (mountains) are formed with Hyocho Hyoko. It is not an exact graph because it is processing while also doing other work, but it should be able to grasp that it is clearly a distinctive graph.

Also, looking at the graph of "TCP Monitor Plus" which monitors the traffic during transmission, you can see that there is a peak similarly.

When transmission is completed, "100%" on the progress screen.

And the following e-mail will be sent to the recipient's e-mail address. The uploaded file name and message are displayed in the body. Click "DOWNLOAD SECURELY" to enter the authentication screen to start downloading.

This screen is displayed by clicking the link. On the right side there is a field labeled "Enter your 6 digit code" (enter a 6-character code) to enter the code required to start the download. Apparently it seems that the authentication code is sent to the same address, so I check the mailbox again.

In the mailbox, the following e-mail was received. Copy or write a 6-digit code written in the sentence ... ...

Enter the code on the previous screen and click "SUBMIT" to authenticate.

Upon successful authentication, a list of uploaded files is displayed. Click the arrow icon next to the file to begin the download.

The screen under downloading is like this. By the way, on the screen "Ready toDecryptAndDownloadFiles sent by ...... "(The file sent from ◯◯Thawingdo itdownloadAs you can see, the encrypted file seems to be downloaded with the server decompressed. For that reason, the content of the file being downloaded is not encrypted, so if you are looking for further security, it is better to send it to a zip file beforehand after setting the password.

That is why we received all the files sent by DropSecure. After this, the file on the server will be automatically erased after 7 days.

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