Clearly that bacteria in "poop" are related to body fat

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The research results that bacteria hiding in human feces may "affect human body fat level"Kings College LondonScientists announced.

Body fat link to bacteria in faeces - BBC News

A scientist from King's College London investigated more than 3,600 pairs of twin faeces samples for research and revealed that some of the bacteria in feces were inherited from their parents. In the study, we investigated the bacteria in the feces of the subjects and compare these with the six indicators related to obesity, including BMI and others. As a result, it is also clear that visceral fat is less in people who have a wide variety of bacteria in feces. In addition, visceral fat is attached to important organs in the abdomen such as liver, pancreas, intestine, etc. It is thought that if there are many of these, the risk of heart disease, diabetes etc. will increase.

Dr. Michel Beaumont, an expert on twin research, genetics, and epidemiology, led the research. Dr. Beaumont commented, "Since we were observational studies this time, we can not explain exactly which bacteria are related to body fat, or whether different mechanisms lead to weight gain." As one of theories explaining the relationship between two, it is mentioned that "the lack of bacterial species in feces increases the level of microorganisms in the intestines and changes the action of converting carbohydrates to fats" .

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Furthermore, Dr. Beaumont also stated that "further studies will be needed in the intestines to unravel" how bacteria work "and" how our feces influence our health " I will. However, it is obvious that intestinal bacteria play a major role in obesity, as 50% of human feces is composed of bacteria flowing out of the intestine.

In addition, Dr. Beaumont says that taking various kinds of meals may lead to an increase in the types of bacteria in feces.

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