The explosion survey found out that the cost of iPhone 7 is about 23,000 yen, what are the concerns?

Apple's appeared on 16th September 2016IPhone 7, The cheapest 32GB model is sold at 72,800 yen tax. IHS which made cost estimate of the iPhone series conducted survey, how much will the product cost of this iPhone 7 become unity?

IPhone 7 Materials Costs Higher than Previous Versions, IHS Markit Teardown Reveals | IHS Online Newsroom

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According to the IHS survey, iPhone 7 parts price is 219.80 dollars (about 22,000 yen), the assembly cost is 5 dollars (about 510 yen), the total product cost is 224.80 dollars (about 22,800 yen) Thing. This is 36.89 dollars higher (about 3750 yen) higher than the manufacturing cost of iPhone 6s, and the cost rate is said to be the highest in the iPhone series so far.

The highest of the parts cost is 43 dollars (about 4300 yen) on display. The next most expensive is an Intel modem or baseband chip, totaling $ 33.90 (about 3400 yen).

The quad-core A10 Fusion chip which can be said as the heart of the iPhone is $ 26.90 (about 2700 yen), the battery of 1920 mAh is 2.5 dollars (about 250 yen). Taptic Engine · antenna · various connectors · microphones · stereo speakers are estimated to total 16.70 dollars (about 1700 yen), with two cameras on the front and the back together totaling $ 19.90 (about 2020 yen).

IPhone 7 2 GB Samsung RAM and 32 GB SK Hynix flash storage cost $ 16.40 (about 1660 yen). Touch ID · gyroscope · various sensors · NFC controllers etc are all 14 dollars (about 1420 yen) together.

Also, it is said that the accessories such as Package · Lightning cable audio · Lightning terminal conversion adapter · EarPods · charger etc are all $ 11.80 (about 1200 yen).

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