Do not drill holes with iPhone 7 to get headphone jack

The headphone jack was discontinued from the iPhone 7 series, and you can not use the earphone of the audio jack terminal unless you use the included "Lightning - 3.5 mm adapter". On the other hand, YouTube uploaded a movie to make headphone jack by drilling in iPhone 7 to iPhone 7, and more than 6 million times have been played in a few days from the release, but CNET "drills to iPhone 7 Please do not make a hole in "with caution.

Do not drill a 'headphone jack' into your new iPhone 7 - CNET

You can see the movie entitled "Secret hack to get headphone jack on iPhone 7" from below.

Secret Hack To Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7 - YouTube

TechRax who released the movie said, "Everybody complains that the audio jack is gone from iPhone 7. If you listen to music on iPhone 7, it's a conversion adapter or $ 159 destined to be dropped by someone I have to buy AirPods of 16,800 yen) "I explain.

"So I found a way to make headphone jacks in an extremely simple manner", I started drilling holes on the iPhone 7 which I fixed with vice.

Drill entered deeply without dropping even the power supply.

Instead of stuffing the parts in the hole, "With this new 3.5mm audio jack was completed," TechRax explained.

"Afterwards connecting the earphones and playing your favorite music is awesome!" Music began to sound, but as is natural, only the music can be heard from the speaker. Never play music from earphones.

"IPhone 7 thrusting the earphone jack into the hole made by drilling" is placed on the table and the movie ends at Norinori.

CNET makes this movie a "serious joke" and urges us not to challenge. YouTube's comment section says, "Everyone, listen, everyone else has opened a hole on the opposite side and it will not move, should we also make a hole in the other?" "Everyone can hear even if you attach earphones outside Although I posted many contents to be synchronized with a joke like "Why, why?", In some cases, such as "how many people will believe and do", such as executing without understanding jokes There were voices to worry about. Please do not use the drill even if you need an audio jack.

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