The latest work of the movie "Mad Max" series enters preproduction, the next hero is that person who is shaved

A movie that was screened on June 20, 2015 as soon as it gets popular as a cult and has been screened for super long long runs that can not be thought of in regular moviesMad Max Max's rage"Although the rumor of a new work has not been able to bear rumors before, it is reported that pre-production has finally started in Australia.

Hold on - Mad Max is coming back

Mad Max Fury Road Prequel Could Start Production This Year - Report - GameSpot

According to the newspaper publishing company Herald Sun in Australia and Melbourne, pre-production of the work which becomes the day before "Mad Max's anger of desperation" was started. Full-scale shooting is scheduled to be carried out at the Broken Hill studio which George Miller wanted, and it is said that it will be started as early as 2016 at the earliest.

In addition, the new work that becomes the day before the "Mad Max Max's desert of anger" appears to be drawn mainly by Furiosa played by Charlize Theron.

Regarding Mad Max's latest work, Mirror Mirror is "handling two new works with the theme of Mad Max" and British car program ·At the time of top gear appearedIt was revealed to me. However, Miller director Mirror said: "There is a background that despair of anger got three greenouts in the past 10 years (shooting started) but all have been torn down.In 2001, we started shooting with Mel Gibson Although the dollar in the Australian dollar collapsed by nearly 30% due to the terrorist attacks of 9.11, the budget was lost, after that, we were planning to shoot in the Austrian desert, but after 15 years It was necessary to change the location to Africa's Namibia, due to the record heavy rains of the first time and it was necessary to change the location to Namibia in Africa, "he told the top gear, suggesting that it takes a lot of time to shoot Mad Max It was.

The new work that pre-production began places a spot on Furiosa, and where the Max of the main character of the previous work enters is concerned very much. Even for the War Boys all over the world, I pray that the shooting will be done smoothly without anything this time.

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