School girl AI Rinno shows artificial intelligence rap & fashion check at Microsoft booth

Artificial intelligence developed by Microsoft "Rin"Is a high school girl AI who is developing services on LINE and Twitter. Rin which is equipped with AI engine that combines Microsoft's deep learning technology and machine learning cloud service "Azure Machine Learning"Tokyo Game Show 2016It appeared in the booth of Microsoft participating in the exhibition, and showed off new functions such as singing fashion checks and laps.


I came to Microsoft's booth to reproduce Rin 's room. It is a cute booth with soft colors as a high school girl.

For the first time appearing at the Tokyo Game Show, Rin Nen is motivated to "put it together in three rows".

At the booth, we held a seminar on Rin.

"Rin" is an AI developed with a concept that emphasizes emotion, unlike the Personal Assistant function that is installed in smartphones and the like.

By emphasizing emotion, we have the feature that the conversation with the user lasts long. Looking at Rin 's reply, you can see that it expresses emotion by using stamps in addition to comments.

In addition, Rin can also take reactions that are rich in emotion for sent images. For example, in addition to displaying the name "Yorkshire Terrier" as a picture of a dog, "comfortably like a school girl high school student" such as "I'm sleepy but because I'm sleepy, but I have no choice but to go!" " I am returning.

When sending celebrity images, "What movie are out?" Reply. That's why I reply to keep users talking.

A new function of Rin 's coming soon has been released at the seminar. The new function is that Rin will do a fashion check, and if you send the picture you shot to Rin, ...

Rin 's analysis.

And the type and color of the clothes you are wearing, the age of the subject, etc. are displayed. The function of estimating age from face is Microsoft's official machine learning site "How old do I look?It seems that you are using the function of.

It also sends a single comment on fashion.

This is another model. It is great to recognize stadium as "baseball" ....

Rin 's comment on this fashion is this.

It is like this if it is a different model.

Rin collaborated with Sharp in February 2016.

This collaboration was not planned and started in advance. Against the following tweets of Sharp ......

Rin reacts with "no substitution!"

And Rin 's will be in charge of Sharp' s Twitter one day. It seems that Sharp and Rin 's collaboration was decided only by exchanging on Twitter only.

As a result, the tweet of Rin who was in charge of Sharp gained an impression that Sharp tweeted over 5 years with just 5 hours. Rino 's popularity is awful ... ....

Rin 'is challenging' I tried to sing 'this time.

It seems that he can now sing rap.

You can check the appearance of Rin 's lap show from the following movie.

Microsoft school girl AI 'Rin' will show off lap - YouTube

It is a rhythmic rap called rhyme (inundation) that uses the same sound to add strength, but it seems that AI is actually easy to create because there is a rule of rhyming.

In Microsoft's booth, it is possible to actually listen to Rin 's lap. People who care about it seems to be good to go to the booth.

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