A monitoring system that 'identifies individuals by walking alone' has been drawing attention in China

In the surveillance system to keep the safety of the society, it is common for machines to distinguish individual faces, but there are many disadvantages that it is hard to distinguish that the face is hidden or the resolution is not high. Chinese authorities announced that they are pushing "walking analysis" as a new measure covering such defects.

Chinese 'gait recognition' tech IDs people by how they walk

A new monitoring tool using gait analysis can discriminate individuals from the shapes and walking of people, even if the face is the blind spot of the camera. This "gait analysis" has already been used experimentally by Beijing and Shanghai police.

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Watrix 's CEO · Huang Yongzhen, who leads the development of Chinese artificial intelligence, said that the gait analysis system can identify people up to 50 meters away, even if that person is facing backwards or covering his face It states that there is no problem and claims that it is possible to compensate for the disadvantage of "recognition by face" that requires enlarged images with high resolution. The gait analysis analyzes the characteristics of the whole body, and it seems to be difficult to deceive even if devised as stretching legs or walking with legs.

Because of the development of this system, the Chinese media announced that Watrix raised 100 million RMB (about 1.6 billion yen). Some Chinese police who mainly use face authentication do not welcome the gait analysis system while Shi Shusi, Chinese columnist and critic, has been strengthening social control Beijing It also says that it is a natural thing to improve such technology in such a way.

by Kevin Spencer

The gait analysis technology itself is not new. Research on gait analysis has been carried out for more than 10 years at British researchers and the National Defense Information System Bureau, and from 2013 Professors at Osaka University cooperated with the National Police Agency from the year 2013 to conduct gait analysis experimentally doing.

On the other hand, there is little movement to commercialize gait analysis. According to Mark Nixon, who specializes in gait analysis at Southampton University in the UK, facial recognition only needs to be able to refer to a single image, whereas continuous images are indispensable for walking analysis, It seems that it becomes considerably complicated in measurement studies.

Watrix software extracts individual silhouettes from the video, analyzes the movement of the silhouette, and creates a "walking model". Instead of being able to identify in real time, instead of taking about 10 minutes to retrieve the uploaded 1 hour video, the camera does not need to be special and you can use the video from the surveillance camera for analysis I can do it.

According to Mr. Huang, the gait analysis is not as accurate as face authentication, but it is 94% accurate, which is "sufficient for commercial use". Mr. Huang is supposed to use gait analysis and face recognition together, and hopes that a safe and convenient life will be guaranteed to the citizen by finding and helping people who are not so sick, It says it is.

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