I tried eating in Potteria as a hood for Halloween a poisonous purple liquid "cheese sauce exquisite cheeseburger" purple magic

From Lotteria as Halloween limited menu "Purple magic cheese burger"Halloween shrimp burger"Halloween Fur Potte(Hot garlic flavor) "will appear on Thursday, September 15, 2016 (Thursday). I tried to see what kind of taste it is all about by being able to eat Halloween-like burger with a purple cheese that made a gloomy look like how it looked.

~ Happy Halloween in Lotteria! It is! ~ "Lotteria Halloween Party" | LOTTERIA

Arrived at Lotteria.

There were various posters at the shop front that included various menus for Halloween.

The interior of the shop is also decorated in Halloween style.

That's why I purchased "Hawaiian shrimp burger" (390 yen including tax), "Halloween fall potato (hot garlic flavor)" (310 yen including tax), "Exquisite cheeseburger of purple magic" (390 yen including tax).

The hamburger 's wrapping paper looks like Halloween.

First off from cheeseburger of purple magic you care about. As you can see, it's the usual exquisite cheeseburger, which is a small hamburger compared to the iPhone 5s.

However, plenty of poisonous cheese sauce is surprising even if you know to lift the buns. It is said that this coloration is issued using domestic purple potato powder.

It is a hamburger that you can taste two kinds of cheese called cheese sauce of exquisite cheese burger plus purple cheese sauce.

I never tried eating, "My tasty ... ..." is confusing my head. It looks like a sweet gum taste from the appearance by all means, but with a little bitter taste like a blue cheese, excellent chemistry with Patty with excellent cheeseburger salt pepper is outstanding. Apart from using domestic purple potato powder, "Rich 6 kinds of exquisite cheeseburgerIt is said to be the same cheese sauce as.

Next to the Halloween shrimp burger.

Compared to iPhone 5s, it is slightly larger than the exquisite cheeseburger of purple magic.

When lifting up the buns, shredded cabbage is on top of the shrimp patties, and a tartar sauce using domestic Ebisu pumpkin is added on top of it.

When eating, the shrimp is crispy and the shrimp with elasticity is full of umami. Tartar sauce is a feeling that the sweetness of pumpkin is ahead of sourness, and whatever you like may be your favorite taste.

If you look closely you can see that the pumpkin skin is contained.

The last is Halloween Furu Pote (hot garlic flavor).

Because it is a flavor of garlic, "Gum designing breath" comes with it.

The package is Halloween specification of different design on the front and back.

When I sprinkle the sprinkled powder, it smells quite intense garlic and I feel appetite very much but it is better to stop it before meeting with people.

Do not worry about buckling the potatoes evenly and evenly.

When completed, a scent of garlic is drifting from Atsuazu French fries.

In addition to the garlic's umami it was spicy and spicy flavor.

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