McDonald's "Halloween Witches Potato Purple Potato & Choco Sauce" Tasting Review of Potato with Potato & Chocolate Sauce

McDonald's is a side menu for Halloween "Halloween chocolate potato pumpkin & chocolate sauce"Wednesday, October 19, 2016 From the second issue of Halloween as further"Halloween Witch Potato Purple potato & chocolate sauceWe started offering. I actually tried what it would taste when putting a potato sauce on a potato.

Halloween Witch Potato Purple potato & amp; chocolate sauce / Halloween chocolate potato pumpkin & amp; chocolate sauce | campaign | McDonald's

Arrived at McDonald's.

There are only Halloween chocolate potato pumpkin & chocolate sauce in the menu at the shop, and the sale of Halloween witch Potato purple potato & chocolate sauce has not started yet.

However, since McDonald's Halloween Witch Potato Purple potato & Chocolate sauce has arrived, there is no problem.

Purple potato & chocolate sauce and pumpkin & chocolate sauce were contained in it.

When turning his back, you can see that it contains a messy purple sauce.

So transfer the M size of French fries purchased to a special paper pack ... ...

I will spend plenty of purple potato & chocolate sauce.

The finish is like this. A sweet scent of sweet potatoes drifts with the hot air of french fries.

Looking closer and like this, venomous purple is perfect for Halloween.

As soon as you eat, you can feel sweetness like sweet potatoes from sweet potato sauce. It is a potato and potato so compatibility between the sauce sauce and Fukuda fried potato is not bad, but the combination of salty potato and choco sauce seemed to be more compatible. At the same time you eat it like a sweet potato with chocolate, it looks like Halloween taste like it looks and taste.

In addition, the price of "Halloween Witch Potato Purple Potato & Chocolate Source" is 330 yen including tax separately.

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