I tried a heavy 'fillet sandwich drowning in cheese' with thick and thick cheese

Kentucky Fried Chicken '

Boneless Kentucky ' with plenty of cheese sauce and ' Cheese Drowning Fillet Sandwich ' appeared for a limited time from February 2, 2022, so I bought it and tried it. rice field.

Fillet sandwich drowning in cheese | Kentucky Fried Chicken

I came to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The menu at the store looks like this. There are 'fillet sandwiches drowning in cheese' and 'double fillet sandwiches drowning in cheese' with two chickens, so I bought each separately.

The 'fillet sandwich drowning in cheese' was wrapped in its own orange wrapping paper.

It weighs 189g when wrapped in wrapping paper.

'Double fillet sandwich drowning in cheese' weighed 261g.

I put it on a plate.

The amount of cheese on it can be seen from the amount of cheese spilled in the bag.

When you peel off the buns on the 'double fillet sandwich drowning in cheese', it looks like this. It's pretty tight with cheese so it won't come off.

The cross section looks like this.

'Fillet sandwich drowning in cheese' What I feel when I eat it is the richness of the cheese. The flavor and saltiness of the cheese spreads in your mouth. As it is boneless breast, the taste of chicken is light night. Rather, it doesn't collide with cheese, so it's like a chicken sandwich where you just taste the cheese. On the other hand, the 'double fillet sandwich drowning in cheese' has an impression that the chicken is just balanced without losing to the cheese, probably because the amount of chicken increases. If you like cheese, choose 'fillet sandwich that drowns in cheese', and if you want to taste chicken well, choose 'double fillet sandwich that drowns in cheese'.

'Cheese drowning fillet sandwich' is 490 yen including tax, and 'Cheese drowning double fillet sandwich' is 690 yen including tax.

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