I ate in Matsuya a rich "Cheese Fondue Hamburgh steak dish" like a lot of hamburgers plus liquid cheese

Matsuya specially made brown sauce and tempura cheese fondue sauce were applied to the hamburger burnt plumply with iron plate "Cheese fondue hamburger steakMatsuya has been on offer since September 13, 2016 (Tuesday). The fried eggs were topped on the hamburger steak "Cheese fondue egg hamburger steakSince it is said that it also appeared at the same time, I have bought two items at once.

Cheese fondue hamburger steak dish new release! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya.

At the shop, pictures of cheese fondue hamburger was raised with the word "plenty of cheeses".

Enter the store and buy a ticket. I handed over the ticket and waited for less than 10 minutes ......

Cheese fondue hamburger steak set arrived. The set meal is with salad, rice and miso soup.

The diameter of the hamburger steam is about a little smaller than the iPhone SE, and the fist of a female is large.

A lot of melting and melting cheese is plenty on top of the hamburger steak.

When eating, the hamburgers are thick and soft, but the texture of coarse ground meat is felt. Brown sauce has less acidity than commercially available demiglas sauce, it is mellow and rich anyhow. Although the seasoning is dense, it also has sweetness. In addition, because heavy cheese fondue sauce has been added to it, it is a hamburger steak that has been heavily rich, but I can not stop feeling wondrous and persistent, I can advance with plenty.

Cheese fondue sauce is not just 'melted cheese', it will not solidify even if time is up. The taste is also firm with acidity and richness, just like "cheese fondue".

Because it fits very well with rice, white rice will advance even only with sauce.

Also, the mushrooms inside the brown sauce were doing a good job and the smell of mushrooms was felt firmly.

Anyway it's a rich product, so you can reset your mouth when you eat refreshing miso soup or salad.

Also order cheese fondue egg hamburger steak set with fried egg on hamburger steak.

A rich combination of hamburger, cheese fondue sauce and eggs, somewhat mildness was added due to the addition of thick yellow flesh.

Although it is a bit hard to understand, cheese fondue sauce is spread firmly between fried egg and hamburger steak.

The cheese fondue hamburg set meal is 650 yen including tax, cheese fondue egg hamburg gourd set includes 710 yen including tax.

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